Crossout Good? Bad?

This game I tried just for fun. And here is some advice/opinion

Its a quick game lets get that straight literally some games take like a couple of minutes. Also when you decide you want to try this game spend some money. There i said it its pay to win, they adjusted some of the costs so spend like a minimal amount is my advice or die and suffer.

Besides these 2 shortcomings it is a lot of fun to play especially with a friend because you can focus down good players first take off their weapons and then basically win the game. End game i don’t know yet but ill let you know. What i do notice going through the patch notes is that they have listened to the criticism somewhat. Which surprises me. First it was like purely pay to win now its like you can spend load of money still but you can also spend like very small amounts and still be totally fine so that is definitely a + from me even if this game is basically a paying game instead of totally free.

What you have to pay for. Well you remember diablo 3 auction house, well this game basically has that still haha. You can simply buy certain weapons for real money instead of crafting them and spending hard earned matts to do so.

yes. I like it. But as you progress it becomes pay to win. To put an example: say you want to make a stronger vehicle to compete with higher power scores, you need a blue weapon or even purple (there is gold too the highest) so technically you can craft these BUT to do so you need quite a bit of resources and you need respect to get to the crafting blueprints.

It would take you months grinding on end to eventually make 1(!) purple item. Some are cheap you can buy much easier with real money on the market (yes there is a market with real money) and you will loose like me say 20 euros to have some kind of competitive components.

Another example: there is this weapon a dark gold(the absolute highest) that is on the market now for 18k gold. Yes 18 000 gold or coins. So that is in real money terms around 270 euros for 1(!!!) weapon. You can fit around 4-5 depending on the cabin on a vehicle. To craft it you need to gold items and a ton of rare crafting mats. It is completely absurd. There is only 6 of these weapons including this porcupine that i just described that are dark gold. What it does is basically throw out a barrel that explodes and leave a fire puddle as well what this in practice means is that you not only do a lot of exploding damage but also because they heat up in the fire take more damage so you just completely trash em especially if you combine this with a hook mine. Anyways its completely useless almost against hovers haha.

Anyways you can make drones vehicles go melee or cannon machine gun or snipy whatever. Lots of possibility and the saving grace of this game is that the lower/cheaper weapons work also quite well. You don’t always need some kind of gold purple component vehicle to be successful but it sure does help. And as i said you can technically craft all these items but it would take so long that it is just more efficient to buy some things. So they have been smart with the money thing.

About the game itself there is raids(against ai), battles against human players, adventure, some other sort of events and missions. What I like is just playing against others. But you get also a lot of stuff for adventure and raids that become harder with levels and reset once in while. You know if you play like me(i spend some money) and only play against players and don’t care really about the rest pretty much you only play half the game. It is designed so that you play adventure mode, some raids, some battles against humans. Sorry for a more complex explanation but i felt it was needed to show you that it has some dark side too.