Crucible and Kickstarter backer

I can’t seem to find info on this. I backed Grim Dawn during it’s Kickstarter, but can’t seem to find out how to get the DLC.

My version of Grim Dawn is through Steam.

Can anyone help me out?

Not 100% as I didn’t back it, but I’m 99% sure you get a code for it through humble

Go to the Humble Store, login to your account. Look at your Keys, it should be there.

If you bought through Steam, you are not a Kickstarter backer.

If you just happen to have the Steam version, go to the humble site and go to your purchases. Select GD there and you should have a new key for the Crucible waiting.

I backed it through the kickstarter, and later got a key to it. I didn’t have an account to humble bundle at the time, so when I go back into my emails and follow my purchase link to the Grim Dawn key I couldn’t find where the Crucible DLC was.

I just checked my email and got an email through the kickstarter to humble bundle, can see my Grim Dawn key, but I still don’t see where I can get the DLC.

Several other kickstarters also had the same problem but they figured it out. I needed to find Grim Dawn in my humble bundle, click it as if to get the steam key, then, on that page, reclick the delivery method (steam or GOG). This regenerated the page, which then produced keys for both the Grim Dawn and the DLC.