Crucible DLC Keys for Kickstarter and Pre-Kickstarter Backers

The KS ended in Spring of 2012 (May). So you bought after the KS.

Edit May 19th of 2012.

I bought a Legendary edition BACK in 5/2/2010! Maybe one of the first 1000 according to the receipt…

I went back to the e-mail of Humble bundle, click the link and then I can only see my Steam keys of the original game and the soundtrack actually!

Where I will be able to see my Crucible key?
Thanks a lor CRATE and all of you on the forum for help

EDIT: Sorry I just had to choose if I want the key on STEAM or GOG … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
SOrry now is fine

Not for me, I bought it before KS, upgraded during KS, but no keys… had the same issue with the bonus DLC

I got the Legendary Edition in May 2013 via the website.
I guess Im not getting this DLC ? :cry:

BTW in my Humble boundle account there is also a Pre-KS legendary DLC…

somebody knows what is that??? :rolleyes::smiley:

Thats bad im 99% sure i used the Email adress that doesnt exist anymore :confused:

Then I’d suggest contacting Humble directly as you don’t want to post any info in public and see if they can help in anyway [email protected]

If you don’t get any help back within a reasonable time then Crate would be the next ones to ask directly, but as Crate are a very small team without dedicated customer support staff Humble would be your first choice.

Good luck and please say if having further problems

But can Humble realy help me? I bougth the game here on the Grim Dawn website and got a key for Steam how should they have any info on that?

Because even though you bought the game via here all the game sales are handled by Humble Bundle and they are the ones that gave you the steam key and as such they should have the records of what and when you purchased and they handle email changes as well.

Hope this helps

Send me the key and I’ll find out :smiley:

probably some medal type

Thank you for your help, i contacted Humble and will see if they can help me.

Long after KS… I think…

No free Crucible but I an delighted to buy the DLC - keep up the good work!!!

Ok, I don’t mind paying for Crucible, I just wanted to avoid ending up with two keys.

This might help some folks…

I originally purchased the game waaaaay back when it was first offered (think I was like the first person not affiliated with crate to buy a key) before the kickstarter. I think the first set of keys that were released were via email? I also have a humble bundle that shows Grim Dawn as purchased, but the DLC was not listed.

It also appeared that the humble keys were not claimed or linked to my steam account. What I did was link the humble keys to Steam, claim Grim Dawn, then it asks if you want to link your DLC, and after that both keys show up on the humble store page.

I pledged to Grim Dawn during the Kickstarter. In my Humble Bundle account I have “Grim Dawn Early Access Steam Key” and “Grim Dawn Access Key” but no Crucible DLC key. Any ideas why?

If you believe there has been an error and you are eligible for a key but have not received one, please contact Humble support and they should be able to sort you out. They are aware of the requirements for the DLC key.