Crucible DLC Keys for Kickstarter and Pre-Kickstarter Backers

As a special thank you to those who have been with us at the beginning of Grim Dawn’s journey, everyone who purchased the game through our website prior to/during the Kickstarter (the Kickstarter Campaign ended on May 19, 2012), or through the Kickstarter campaign itself, will receive the DLC for FREE.

These keys will be distributed via Humble much as they were for the early backer reward(s) you received following Grim Dawn’s release.

The Crucible DLC will automatically be credited to your Grim Dawn key page shortly before its release and you will have the choice of redeeming your key either for Steam or GOG.

Thank you all again for placing your trust in us at the very beginning of Grim Dawn’s journey and we hope that you enjoy the fruits of labor which you helped fund. :smiley:

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ok perfect. I can’t wait! thanxs

Good to know, now i will occasionally check the humble store. And a big thanks to you guys for making such a great game, that is evolved beyond our expectations.

For those that bought a multi-game edition do we get multiple keys for the Crucible?

If you have a tier with multiple game keys, then you should also get Crucible keys for each of those copies.

Thanks Zantai. You guys are doing a killer job. Looking forward to the future of Grim Dawn.

I don’t understand if i’ll be getting this for free, I bought the game through steam before it’s release.

If you bought the game through steam, then you will not be getting it for free. You had to back the game before or during the kickstarter either through the grimdawn website or through the kickstarter, which was before it was available on steam.

Haha, I had forgotten how I bought it as it has been a while (I remember the first time I played max level was like 15) so I tried to login to Humble Store and there Grim Dawn is! Along with the rewards I haven’t claimed yet lol.

Kinda sad too because I’m always keen to throw a bit of $$$ towards Crate :slight_smile:

I am not in particularly happy about this. Not that the game didn’t bring me tons of fun or its not worth more than ~20€ i paid for it, but I’ve been burned by kickstarters so many times I only buy finished games. There are games in my steam inventory that are still in early access and I bought way before Grim Dawn.

I dislike that.
I have bought game in Steam during early access to support devs - and now I dont’t get this DLC, while people who also bought it at same time not from steam, but from site, do get it? It’s unfair.

I think you are confused, people that bought it from Kickstarter didnt bought it at the same time than you from Steam.

In fact , Kickstarter was around 2012, Steam had the game years later, last year i think… This people helped the game 4 years before their release, how come can you be mad or call it unfair? im hoping that you are just confused.

after all it’s 5 eur/dollars, i will be happy to spend them to support the team and the life of this game (which i hope will be very long)

The main game itself costs around 5.5$ in my region in steam, fantastic for a top tier game

people who bought it in the same time as you won’t have the DLC either, buying it on Steam or not. i don’t understand what you don’t understand :rolleyes:

Can someone help me? I bougth the game way back on this page to get the alpha but i have no data that i could give humble or anyone else to get any kind of key (couldnt get the backer rewards either just wasnt importend enough for me to actualy ask).

Nigga, do you know the difference between early(I am VERY early - almost pre-alpha) support/contribution on kick-starter(KS means Crate was at their first textures/DLL files/sketch concepts - NOT EVEN PLAYABLE for inner-testing at this stage!) and early-steam support?

I can bet both my game consoles you didn’t know jack about an ARPG (very similar to Diablo) back then(late-mid 2010, early 2011. Yours truly was 17, finishing high-school and very sexy for his age) - and it’s understandable. Because GD didn’t have that level of publicity/support/funding then - it was still in the works(very few people did, and they were more likely to waste their money on a game that had the risk of being either a total disappointment or unfinished, just like a majority of KS projects).

I believe the original KS guys deserve to get the DLC for free, because, aside from Crate doing(to say the least) INCREDIBLE job at improving/delivering great content/user-experience to the end-customers(us), an extra $$ would never be turned away by them, especially for a small enterprise like Crate, and rest assure that KS guys have most-likely donated more than the original price of 25 $ back when the steam early-access version was released.

P.S: Pardon my English… If there’s any part of my statement that you think could be bettered/improved/corrected - please, feel free to criticize me. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

If I remember correctly all you will need is the email address that you used to get the game with and Humble should be able to find you from that. Let us know if you have any more problems.

Hm, I bought GD in 2013. Was that during or after KS?

Check your humble bundle page and if you are due a key it will be shown there :wink: