Crucible experience

I haven’t touched the crucible since I started to play this game, then i said lets make a character for it, so i’ve leveled my dk yesterday and farmed a kriegs set in like 3 hours, was lucky to drop a mythical mindwarp the same day, started theorycrafting how this should look (without build guides was a bit challenging) and i was so surprised that i could combine all my devotions i wanted in exactly 55 points, dying god,time dilation,spear of the heavens torgo’s and bat, just perfect.
So i’ve farmed up to glad and on my first try died at wave 146 to the mad queen who killed me in 0.1 seconds(i think she debuffed+poison), next try went pretty good, got two reapers at 169 was a bit tough but managed it.
I know for most of you its not a big deal, but the first time in anything is memorable :slight_smile: overall was a good experience but its a mess to be honest :D, will stick to the campaign i guess.

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Yeah crucible as some nuts drop rates even outside gladiator and the last waves. Should be nerfed…

And that you can farm an endgame set in Elite Main Campaign that with a few other core items can farm highest crucible is… not balanced :wink:

want to level me add steam callincallin

First Cruci is really memorable,I agree.Played 600 hours before trying.Especially in stacking DA era don’t have even slightest desire.But two months ago start playing and I am focused almost entirely there.With FG and new realms my attention will split.Btw now remember all waves and their possible spawns so unless there are changes in new patch Mad Queen is on wave 147 and double Reaper can spawn at 170.

i never touched crucible myself but looking at those blueprints on OP’s screenshot i kinda feel like trying it. i just wanna get some blueprints from it and dont aim for highest difficulties. should i risk my HC characters or better to create some dummy to farm it? what level should i have to attempt first few waves? thanks in advance :eek::eek:

I am not an expert but don t risk your hc character, i usually test at the mad queen and lokkar if i can facetank them and kill fast then the character should be able to complete wave 170.

I felt the same first time i tried it loong ago. And didn’t want to touch it. But the more you try it the better you get at it. No matter the combination of bosses that you get.

And if cruci is simply not your taste, SR might fix that

My first clear of 170 glad was with a Forcewave/blade arc Witchblade. I did not even have a full myth leg set. Something like this was the build (like 85% accurate, tried now to recreate it from memory)

Think it was patch 1.0.5 … I have played GD for 2 months and this was the second char I made.

I know I died like all the time to reflective heroes xD Then I decided to take things more calm and I managed to finish cruci with all four buffs in like 15 min or so :slight_smile: My palms and mouse were covered in sweat :stuck_out_tongue:

That char was a blast to make, I dropped a mythical tremor pretty early so char got a nice power spike :slight_smile:

Now i am trying to get my vindicator get past 150, but the more i try the more i realize 2h ranged savagery vindi is just not made for that, or am I wrong?

Have you checked in the build compendium for 2H savagery cruci vindicators?

Not yet, that i keep as a last resort, but i will, cuz my character is hopeless at this point :smiley:

Otherwise, just make a thread and ppl will help you make it better :slight_smile:

I absolutely hate the crucible. I’m really hoping Shattered Realm will be just as or even more lucrative when FG releases.

It’s a good arcade mode. I kinda like a bit more the PoE map playstyle where you run around annihilating everything in your path rather than standing still under a beacon and tons of mobs swarming at me.

well ive tried it today on my hc lvl55 warder for the 1st time. basic difficulty. finished 6 waves, took rewards. cool but dark. it was dark. havent seen much :cool:

I’ve just updated to the new version today, my crucible clear went from around 8:30 to 11 min :(, i don t know what happened.

what was your build? Have you checked the patch notes on what was changed?

Yea, a kriegs s&b dk, i saw on my character screen that i lost a bit of dmg went from 95k to 91k and ofc dying god 5% but this shouldn t justify that huge downgrade, i ll look into it tomorrow.

You have good thread about both DW and S&B Krieg DK here

Post your build there and if you can’t sort it out.

Did you try the upgraded Bloodied Crystals now that they give DA?

afaik Krieg set got changed in such way that Reckless power got a buff from the total set bonus. So I can’t really see right now what the change was… perhaps you were just unlucky with cruci modifiers? (though 2.5min slower is ALOT)

Yes,strange.Mutators can affect time-toughened,combined with shatterd and mobs resistant to aether can add for sure 2 minutes.Also banner affects greatly time,most of builds reduce time by way more than minute.