Crucible - HC can't out deeps a wave

I’m much a fan of the crucible so far.

However, I ran into an issue running through with my HC toon where I couldn’t out DPS a monster’s regeneration.

Now, Powbam ran intothe same thing, but playing SC, he just let the mob kill him to get his experience and reset the arena.

On HC, I had to close to main menu, forgoing any experience. And if you were wondering if it was a panic escape to menu, no, it wasn’t. Had plenty of life, wasn’t about to be one shotted either, just could not out DPS regen.

Can we have some sort of tap out mechanism if a round goes for X amount of time? Otherwise it’s pretty brutal losing all the experience points (especially if you are trying to do a crucible only char!). I’m totally OK of not getting any loot, as I didn’t beat the full 10 waves.

Also, as I play on HC toons, not having a tapout mechanism means that if I think the last 10 waves were easy enough I should be able to do the next 10, and I get suprised by the brutal mix of what spawns, how am I to leave fairly?

Honestly, the biggest issue I can see is getting a regen mutator on top of a regen hero. If you don’t have a build that can just burst it regardless of anything else, which low levels might just not have, it can be impossible.

Regen mutator could probably stand to be removed, at least from Aspirant, as it creates random break points that some characters just can not beat, period, at that level.