Crucible Loot

Hoping to get some clarification on crucible loot expectations, as I’ve seen multiple concerns pop in other other ideas threads again lately but no dedicated discussion. I personally heavy lean towards SR, but I can respect the choice of those focusing on top clear builds and making sure they maximize their looting potential.

I think the main concern here is pretty clear: crucible, a for pay mode, can’t hold a candle to GDStash, a free tool provided by the community. I’m struggling to see why those crucible runners should focus so much effort on 3x runs during totems and other efficiency minutia when a 2 minute GDStash run can spawn 10x of a piece of gear to make sure those rolls are tip top. Not even going to touch on the topic of triple rares, as most runners simple know the in game effort doesn’t pay off.

As we’re reaching the twilight of grim dawn, I hope the devs can put some serious thought into this to help balance the end game loot expectations.

So there should be infinity drops?

I’m not sure where you are going with the argument that cheating is more efficient than playing the game.


lmao… memes… :smile_cat:

Buff Nemesis Chests and Roguelike runs first kthnx!

New Nemesis idea: when it’s killed it CTD’s you and launches GDStash, if installed.

Just add GDstash to the game. Loyalist pack 3 let’s go!


Cheating loot will be always quicker than anything the devs can make to decrease the gap between both. It’s an unwinnable situation if you want players to kill things to make them drop.

Only thing they can do is allowing the players to buy items with iron bits, but even cheating is faster since you don’t need to worry about money.

Not sure if troll or mononeuron organism.

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You can GDstash iron bits you know…

Noone is holding a gun to your head, or anyone else, and demanding you GDStash your items. Grow a spine, play how you want to play and don’t worry about what someone else is doing. You’re your own person and the game is moddable and always will be. It’s up to you.


I GDStash Skeleton Keys, that’s it…

I dont ever stash and never will, and I definitely feel the pain of the struggle farming items.

But what happens once you have and can easily get any items you want? They lose their shine!!!

That’s me playing how i want to play. Busted like 30 totems so far in ultimate and havent gotten a single of the new legendaries yet. Sucks, but will make it that much more awesome when I get one of them!!!


I agree, If you have infinite drop, then it’s literally the same as GD stashing gear. And in game will never be mandatory. Infinite gear should be as it is now a option for 3rd party and purely optional.

Furthermore the drop rates in game are now good and next patch will improve your chances of getting legit better MI greens.

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Let’s go one step further.

There are trainers for Grim Dawn, with god mode, invisibility, one hit kills, infinite stat/skill points, etc.
Make them as toggle options in settings.


I sometimes GD stash relics with completion bonus that I want / need. It is not about the mat farming, but the crafting mechanics. If there was an option to craft sub-components, it would be much easier to craft relics. But now its just big PITA

I want Grim Tools in-game. Then I can load a build from the forum and just click “create” and in a blink of an eye I have the char in-game ready to farm crucible and SR for me!

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I think gear is extremely easy to get (outside MI) with the transmutation and Nooberred Realms. I got gear for 3 full chars and then some in like 60-100 hours. It’s the mats that made me rethink my resolution to re-play the game
100% legit.

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I think mats are ok now, frozen hearts and blooms drop in abundance compared to earlier. I also like the new feature of not having to collect sub-components anymore.

I do wish dynamites were cheaper so it would be more interesting to dismantle. Like 6 dynamites should cost 1 aether CRYSTAL, searing ember and scavange plate

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Also like component feel now. If I level a character from 1 up to 100, I’ve usually collected most of the mats they will need (probably a couple bloom runs extra needed, but those are also very productive now) by 94 and final gear setup. Shitty troll aside, I actually really like where loot is at

Man… Let’s just make a catalogue all items in it so no more need of farm, just buy from there then and play two hours before the game loses it’s meaning…

PS: I just want Kilrian’s Shattered Soul drop more often, It’s seventh try and no component :smiley:

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I remember the days where he dropped subcomponents, also with 25% drop chance :wink:


I actually enjoyed that- it made the component itself feel more valuable and the “side quest” of farming it feel more meaningful. To be honest I kind of miss partial components as a whole, and then I dont.