Crucible mob damage between difficulties

do the mobs hit harder after aspirant, or is it just that they have more hp? I ask because I sometimes get chunked on aspirant with a maxed out character by certain mobs (anastaria and the BoC boss, mainly) and i’m playing HC.

Damage increase as well as hp, as well as all aspects of difficulty of monsters.

do you think it may be because of the increased resistance penalties? anastaria was able to wreck my 20,000 hp warder in less than 1.5 seconds, leaving me at 25% hp, on aspirant, where i had around 75 aether res. knowing this, challenger is gonna be scary and glad will be impossible for my build.

You shouldn’t die on Anasteria unless you stubbornly facetank her all the time. 75 aether res is a little low for melee - I’d recommend 83+ for the Crucible.

Inferno beacons can help greatly with the enemies you can’t facetank. Fully upgraded Inferno does decent damage even on Challenger. Slithblood Tincture is godly when you’re mobbed by hard-hitters (against Shar’Zul its efficiency is limited because it won’t affect his summons).