Crucible & monster's level

Does boss and nemesis gain a huge buff in stats and power when they go from level 83 to level 84 / 85 ?

I ask this because I was farming crucible challenger with my blademaster level 76 and I could finish wave 160 & 170 with it (most times I stopped at 160 and 150, sometimes even without any blessing). I could handle the nemesis when all them were level 83.

Problems started when I leveled my char to level 77, and now all the big bosses and nemesis in crucible are level 84 & 85. I cant survive wave 160 now, even with hp blessing. Sometimes I cant even survive wave 154 with just one nemesis (kupaCabra).
Also wave 150 with 3 nemesis is almost impossible now, when I could handle it easily before.

Im really intrigued, the second I gained a single level is when my nightmare begun :undecided::smiley: