Crucible or nothing

Oh the number of ugdenblooms needed to make things. I have been farming the roots on a path from coven north, hit about 6 stumps this route, tons of heros, Kupacabra. Then hit up mountain deeps treasure trove for hopes of missing blueprints.

I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t have crucible cause farming is soooo unrewarding in campaign. On average 1 legendary from every 100 heros killed. 1 blueprint from every 50 troves open, 1 blueprint 1-10 nemesis kills.

Join a crucible game run gladiator 130-150 takes no time, dozens of legendries, blue prints maybe 1 or 2 every 3 or 4 runs. Gearing up is dependent on leeching crucible games.

I propose since long ago they got rid of duplicate blueprint drops, that it sould only make since that somewhere in Cairn there is pen and paper. I think you should be able to craft not only the items the blueprints allow but to make a copy of blue print for a price to then be able to trade/give to others in need. Maybe a silkswatch/ugdenbog leather and blood to make blueprints already learned.

As far as ugdenblooms…sooooooo many needed. making titan plating, tainted heart x2, ugdenbloom leather, bloodied crystal, I still need to farm 60 more to complete all my wanted components :frowning:

Blueprints I need at least 8 to flesh out my wish list of items for 2 up and coming characters. I get more excited for blueprint drops more than anything cause at least I know 1 down 1 less in the pool maybe next drop I’ll get one I need. But it is also very disappointing to not get items based on blueprint horrid drop rates.

Back to crucible cause the campaign is not where it’s at.