Crucible problem

Hi guys

I made a vitality build for my first playtrhought so i could be gear independant and have an easier time to farm set for my alts

I really love the concept of crucible but i dont want to gain xp/or overlevel my chars and make my main campaign a joke if i m overleveled

Is there a way no to ??

What do you guys think ?

thx a lot !

Plz any help would be appreciated

After the first twenty-ish levels the experience Crucible grants slows down a lot. By level 75 you could stop and spend quite a lot of time farming for mid-level gear before you need to worry about outleveling Elite AoM content.

That said, what really makes the main campaign a joke is gear, not levels… and Crucible is the best source of gear in the game unless you’re looking for a specific Monster Infrequent drop.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it. IMO leveling in crucible is a grind really.

It really is. I’ve used it to stop leveling so I could try to find some of the 58-75 legendaries I’m missing.

Most of the 58-75 legendaries you are looking for are without purpose in xpac. You level past them so quickly and would be better off farming mythicals.

Old blood sigil is the only exception I’m aware of now.

If you play Crucible to level 20ish (especially if you pick up devotion points along the way), your playthrough up to act 3 or 4 will definitely be a cheese. However, after that it starts to catch up and become a challenge again.

Normal/Vet isn’t really worth spending much time in other than newer players slowly progressing through story content, in my opinion, anyway.

Grind away! You’ll still have a solid challenge in Elite and Ultimate.