Crucible ruined this game for me

Definitely did. I used to play this game normally on single player through normal play. Leveled my player and got items from normal play.

Then I bought crucible, soon enough I discovered “dead glad farm” where you can basically level to 100 just by being afk. Get ALL the components (minus AOM which is soon to change) through it also.

Then once I managed to level100 I manage to join “100-150 GLAD farm”. Were yo can basically get ALL LEGENDARIES… Where I was basically able to leech off already well geared players… At first offcourse it was fun, getting all those legendaries to upgrade my stuff. Then once I do got them all it just got boring, lame, it felt real cheap… Running a BIS(best in slot) gear through veteran-elite-ultimate is no fun.

Main reason I stopped playing Diablo3 in the first 3months of being out is because of the no penalty for dying… So I think crucible should also add a minus xp penalty for dieing???

Offcourse it all comes down to “well dont play crucible then”… Well I did, I stopped playing softcore and switch to hardcore… I begun enjoying the game again… Like looking at yellow items stats upgrade my character… I play crucible on hardcore too cuz when you die you die.

I guess it really just comes down to self control… But wold be nice if theres penalty for crucible… CUz it really does FEEL CHEAP playing it on softcore…

This is a single-player focused game. People play it in a way that they enjoy, as you’ve experienced and described.

That what you said there is at the top of a really slippery slope on the way to “there are other people having fun WRONG and you should make them stop because I don’t like it.”

Imo crucible is to taste moderatly when you are pissed of the shit drop rate of campaign.It only up to you to *not do it like a pig !

There currently is a penalty for dying in Crucible - you get less loot. If you’re doing it for experience - 1) why bother when you can use an external tool and do it in 5 minutes and 2) why bother dying repeatedly as you are not really playing the game at that point? Sounds to me like you’re not playing the game because you enjoy it.

I guess it really just comes down to self control…

This. You can choose not to use exploits you know, the game doesn’t have to force or dissuade you. It’s the same logic that anyone currently could download Grim Dawn Trained Hard or GDStash and manufacturer any Legendary they want with any kind of rolls but most don’t because it kills the game for them. They play it the way it was intended and have fun with what makes the game an ARPG.

You are not the majority in this case, it’s not a problem for everyone, just you.

Sooner or later, anything Softcore-related will so-called FEEL CHEAP, too.

If you keep enjoying yourself over at Hardcore Mode.

And when (not if) that day comes, I hope you will exhibit some semblance of self-control; i.e., refrain from penalizing everyone who chooses to play differently. :furious:

It’s understandable but single player games in any form are comparative to a lot of vices.

Moderation and self control are the keys to happiness. You can cheat (by your definition or somebody else’s), you can take shortcuts, you can exploit the closed system, but at the end of the day, depending on your personality and character, you can also ruin the experience for yourself doing those things.

Hosted server multi-player games do the best they can to curb such impulses in order to give everyone a level playing field (or they attempt to) which has the side effect of forcing players to some semblance of a “grind” but even those types of games have historically well documented loopholes, exploits, and shortcuts.

The simplest fix is the hardest. Self determination. If crucible ruins the game for you, don’t play crucible. No one can force you to play a certain way.


Then don’t do it. I have over 1000 hours in game and i haven’t even bought it. Seen enough video material to make my judgement.

I think this thread should be labelled “I ruined the game for myself”


It’s almost 2018 and still we have people complaing about die farm.

whoever puts sugar in his coffee is a monster

seems to all epic stuff people get form gladiator cruicible…

Some people do. And there’s nothing wrong with that. If skipping the meal and going straight to dessert is what you enjoy, GD certainly has several options for that. Some more straightforward than others.

But trust me when I say, there’s at least a half dozen builds I personally know that can carry you through to endgame campaign and you WILL find plenty of legendary loot playing that way. So if you prefer “getting your money’s worth” when it comes to hours played, it’s ultimately your decision.

I personally do not like the crucible much. I Enjoy running the world and find different farm routes. But unfortunately you are kind of forced into crucible to find lvl 90 relics. I have played at lvl 100 for 1,5 weeks without finding one lvl 90 relic receip on ultimate campaign :frowning:

well, if you feel like that, just don’t buy it
it’s ur choice
but someone have fun with it
just like me :slight_smile:

Whoever drinks his coffee black is an abomination against all mankind!

To me Crucible DLC is only for players who do not have enough time to grind but still want to play the game. It sure kills the fun in collecting loots.

Seems to me there is an easy way to not do this… DO NOT DO THIS.
I got a lot of legendaries on Diablo 3 too by doing Goblin queen runs with my friends, and it felt… well, like cheating. So I went back to single player. Still do not have all sets or items, but I am OK with that.

Play hardcore then.

Good job for answering, or more like bumping, a one year old thread.

Here’s your reward:

than why did you purchase crucible