Crucible tribute point chart - plan your runs in advance

Couldn’t find any information on this, and it seems pretty important for properly planning your crucible runs. Here’s a table for Gladiator difficulty - other difficulties can be found in this spreadsheet.


Tier rewards: tributes earned for finishing every 10 waves

[ul][li]New: tributes earned in the first run[/li]
[li]Restart: restarting a run after finishing/dying[/ul][/li]Finish rewards: tributes earned when electing to end the run

[ul][li]New: starting a run from wave 1[/li]
[li]Restart: restarting a run after finishing/dying[/li]
[li]C 50: starting a run from wave 51[/li]
[li]C 100: starting a run from wave 101[/li]
[li]C 150: starting a run from wave 151[/li]
[li]Fail: compensation for dying[/li]
[li]C Fail: compensation for dying if starting from a checkpoint[/ul][/li]
Tribute costs

[ul][li]Towers/banners: 5 to build, 8 and 12 to upgrade (25 total), lasts until full reset (resets that cost tributes do not remove buildings)[/li]
[li]Buffs: 12 each (48 total), lasts 25 minutes[/li]
[li]Starting from checkpoint: 8/15/25 to start from 51/101/151, respectively[/li]
[li]Soft reset: 5/15/30 for first, second and third time, respectively[/li]

Thanks a lot! I have been looking for this one

Nicely done chart. I’m sure everyone (except filthy cheaters like me) will benefit from this tremendously. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a suggestion for your guide. It’s about reflection.
Some mobs have white Mirror animation (Myrmidons etc), some mobs have yellow Mirror.
If the character have at least 8% ADCtH and some decent weapon damage, Yellow ones can be easily crushed even under Mirror because they reflect only 30% of damage income and they are vulnerable even under Mirror. 30% reflected + 70% passed and affected by ADCtH are balanced, you receive no damage.
White ones are other story: they reflect 30% damage too, but they are immune under mirror: you can’t heal and damage is not balanced, you hit yourself when hitting the White reflector.