Crucible - why have to start at normal difficulty on every char?

like if the real challenge starts at gladiator 100 or so.

why does every char, who has completed ultimate, have to start at apirant 1 and do 300 waves and complete waste of time just to get there?

is there any reason for this at all?

No, there’s no good reason for it at all. Being able to start at the difficulty corresponding to where you are in the main game would be nice.

But I would think it’s not that long for most of your builds.

Tried that originally, but letting players who reached Ultimate start on Gladiator only to get wrecked set the wrong expectations for the challenge. Gladiator becomes much harder than Ultimate.

You move up in difficulty after the first 100 waves, so you don’t need to get through the entire Crucible to get the following difficulty unlocked.

Having just done up to gladiator 100, wave 1-10 on gladiator is a complete joke for any char that can do sharzul/loghorrean on ultimate.

Plus saying we shouldnt allow people to pick a difficulty in fear of them getting wrecked is kinda of lol, thats the whole reason we Let people choose difficulty right? If they somehow found gladiator wave 1 too hard (which would literally blow my mind for any ultimate capable char) they can simply drop a difficulty.

By 300waves i was personally refering to waves up to glad 100

What if the Crucible difficulty unlocks were global across all characters rather than local to the one that unlocked it? Since You’ll have had to unlock them once already, you will have a better idea of what to expect. It has the negative of allowing brand new characters to immediately be slaughtered in Gladiator and Challenger, but I think that choice is preferable to the tedium of having to do 200 waves of easy monsters just to play on the appropriate difficulty every time you want to try out another character that is basically already done.

I didn’t realize this was how it worked, would really like to see that changed. I almost fell asleep in Aspirant I really would not like to do that again xD

I personally think the reason this was designed this way was that people who cleared Ultimate for the first time wouldn’t rage quit and whine about how gladiator was hard for them considering they completed Ultimate. The change is directed towards the majority, not the minority elite.

I’m not dissing you here, I think that this is a better way to introduce everyone to the Crucible without being overtly difficult by choice.

what nine suggests is reasonable too.

the current situation is simply unreasonable. i really don’t know what else to say.

if crate doesnt agree whatever, its their game, i tried. but i don’t think any player would actually prefer the current method of being required to grind thru the 1st two difficulties on every char in order to reach gladiator. It’s even worse than leveling 1-85, honestly leveling can be kind of fun on some levels, but grinding through aspirant on every char… just lol.

if i wanted to play a game that caters to newbies, ill just go play d3/wow, heck they got dedicated servers too right? GD was awesome due to the very fact that it doesn’t cater to newbies, it is a very complex game with many possibilties to design your builds to overcome the challenge. if i wanted to press 3buttons mindlessly and win, d3 is a better choice.

the only possible scenario i could see this being reasonable is on HC, but hey look, Most’s 12.5k hp char with mark of divinity got 1 shot in aspirant without even proccing the mark … so ya, so much for that.

Nine’s suggestion is very good.

Seconded. I need one more character to be able to post that message.

Thirded, actually. Jajaja was first.

Nine’s suggestion is good, I overlooked that.

However for hardcore balance, that is on mechanics. There have already been numerous reports on that, that if you take a certain amount of damage, mark of divinity and other “death prevention” mechanics simply do not activate, this is a design problem and whether it can be fixed or not depends on the engine.

Nine’s suggestion sounds good. The crucible isn’t like the main campaign (with side quests, notes and stuff), so doing it three times with every new character will get boring. Making it common to all characters sounds like a good suggestion. If not then reduce the number of wave requirement to proceed to the next difficulty to reduce the grind. I’m with the former (Nine’s idea)

Well, the Mark/“Circuit breaker” skills don’t activate if the hit is too stronk.

For example if you’re fighting Notched Bone Fabius with 12.5k hp and his hit does 15k damage then the Mark won’t proc.

uh, this is not what my point - i can read the ability description. MoD activates at 30%, if you are 1 shot at 40% hp it won’t activate. obviously i know this. however, many abilities, I.E shotgun that appear to 1 shot you are divided into multiple hits, which would still trigger circuit breakers even if you would appear to be “one shot” otherwise.

zantai basically said the reason for using the current system is so that the challenge is more gradual and less surprising. However, Most’s character that could breeze thru ultimate, was 1 shot in normal crucible at full hp; how is that a gradual progression of difficulty? Zantai’s point obviously didn’t stand there.

I wasn’t commenting on the gradual progression of difficulty, I was merely commenting on the mechanics themselves. The gradual progression can be tuned, but can the mechanics themselves? That’s the real question.

On near-death mechanics should work be it 1000k damage or 10k. That’s the worth of the item or skill.