Pre-ordered this one on GoG a while back. Played it for a bit over an hour today. And damn its intense, gorgeous, great music etc. The 8-directional control schema takes some getting used to, but once you do things get serious.

It took me a dozen or so attemps to finish the first level. Took some bosses down on first go.

Tip so far is to get the coins in levels. Grab the upgrade that lets you dash without taking hits. It makes life so much easier when traversing through the run and gun levels.
tip2. don’t try to kill everything in run&gun levels. goal is to make it through alive, grab all coins and parry the purple stuff and have as high hp as possible when finishing the level. easy A rank end of levels/fights.
Tip3. If you get “stuck” on a boss/area just explore the world map and do some side areas. The mausoleum is one to give you a magical boost for example.
tip4. not sure if possible, but worth checking out. replay some run and gun levels to farm for coins to buy more upgrades from the pig shop.

It is a lot of fun, but takes quite a lot of concentration. Meaning I can’t play them in long succesion per sitting. If you like these side scrolling platformers grab this. It is a must :smiley:

I’d been planning on getting this for awhile no matter what. Some days ago I showed the trailer and some gameplay vids to the ol’ lady cuz I knew she would probably think the art was awesome at the very least. She wanted me to get it cuz she actually wants to play it and she doesn’t even like to play games cuz she’s “not good at 'em”.

So win for Cuphead. She is going to get destroyed. She’s going to suck badly at it. But at least she is actually going to play. That’s something.

Also, I got Hob and played a bit of the beginning. It’s another automatic buy game in my book. Well done Runic and good job moving off Torchlight. The art direction of those games just never jived with me for an arpg, no matter how badly the genre needed it. Hob tho, excellently done and while it is cartoonish of a sort it feels a lot more “mature” compared to the TL’s.

Could I trouble you for a more detailed review on Hob?

It’s not the kind of game i’d usually play but since it’s from Runic I am interested in it

On the topic of Cuphead, haven’t gotten it yet but the difficulty is pretty high from what I read. Thanks for the tips Gibly

It definitely is hard. I thought I would walk over this game because of the time I spent on Hollow Knight, but it took me several tries before I managed to get through the first stage, lol.

This is definitely my kind of game, there is a lot you can do to get a perfect score and the retries are instant: the game puts you right next to the boss character so there is no going through the entire stage just to challenge the boss again.
There is even a retry function in the game. The devs are definitely used to speedrunning or difficult games, or they listened to someone who is.

Been playing it for some hours and beat the first world. I’m going for perfect scores on all the bosses, and it is a real challenge.

Hmm if it’s tougher than Hollow Knight then I might avoid it for now since it’d require insane time investment and with Empyre, Ashes of Malmouth coming in October I don’t think I’ll be able to spend as much time with real life intervening :cry:

Only when you’re going for that A+ rank (which requires flawless play), if not the game is very doable.
But I for one am glad that people are making 2d platformers again that are on the challenging side, since I always liked this genre.

Well I haven’t played a whole lot but it’s kind of a puzzle exploration game with combat. There is no dialogue but figuring out what to do is easy enough. Beautiful world.

Here is a vid that can show it better than I can describe it