Custom game?

Custom game? I saw that as an option besides the main campaign and crucible. It’s empty. Is it for fan made campaigns or is there a random map/game creator? If so to either, where would I get them?

also mods on nexus, moddb and whatever the other one is called

It’s needs a map name. Where would I get that?

I read about Grimilion (sp). Would that be the map name?

If so, that would be where I could mess around with the Grim Quest mod?

I got my game from GoG, so I don’t know if that has anything to do with using that feature or not.

Look in that modding projects section Gnomish linked, in there you’ll find the Grimarillion mod. You can download it, extract it to the game’s mod folder and then play the mod by choosing Custom Game and then the mod, then accept.

Grim Quest is part of the Grimarillion mod; it’s a mod that combines several different mods into one.

That’s the thing tho, I don’t have a mods folder. It goes from Documents → My Games → Grim Dawn. When I click on the Grim Dawn folder I get a ‘save’ and ‘Settings’ folder. I looked into both of them and no mods folder.

I will make a mods folder and see if that works with Grimarillion. I tried it with Grim Quest and it didn’t work. So hopefully it will work with that one.

It’s not in there. If you use GOG Galaxy then it’ll be in GOG Galaxy - Games - Grim Dawn.

Also Grim Quest is no longer supported as a mod; Asylum only keeps it up to date in Grimarillion.

Thanks. Much help. It worked. Now to make a second character and have some fun.

Enjoy playing! :grinning:

In the modding projects section, find the Grimarillion mod, which you can download and unzip into the game’s mods folder, which you can find in GOG Galaxy - Games - Grim Dawn. After that, you can play the mod by selecting “Custom Game.” I hope it works for you because I did this long ago and don’t know how it works now. I am currently playing World of Tanks. The game offers a large selection of tanks that need to be pumped. So I often use the game platform and quickly move up to a higher level. The game especially helps me to relax after a hard day’s work.