Customizable gear. Let us create what we want.

The skill system allows for an enormous amount of build, but for most of the interesting ideas I come up with there is simply no support for it in the high level gear so I end up not even bothering to try it.

It’s understandable that they can’t create gear sets for every workable combination of skills, and even if they tried most of the items would end up being copies with a few stat lines differing.

So what I suggest to remedy this is to create a crafting/customization system where we can either create new items from scratch with the stat lines we want or to be able to change the stat lines on existing gear.

There would have to be some restrictions ofcourse, every item slot should not have every stat available so you would still have to puzzle.
The stats could be sorted in tiers and categories, so for example a ring would allow “tier 1 “flat damage””, but a pair of pants only allows tier 3. The pants would instead allow higher tiers of other categories.

Let me know what you think and if like where it’s heading add your own ideas!

This would be a nightmare to balance and pretty much make items with fixed stats pointless. No, thanks.

And i’m not even sure if it’s possible with the current engine.

Yeah it would be hard to balance, but getting it balanced enough would not be too hard; lots of games have customizable gear.
It’s not like the game is that balanced to begin with or there is some competitive meta that has to be considered.

Fixed stat items could have more and/or higher stat lines to still be good for their intended useage.

It would be just too much work for honestly not that much of a pay-off. They would have to balance these items and the fixed items.

The devs don’t care if the game has a competitive meta or not, they want the game as balanced as possible.

I agree wholeheartedly with your premise but not your solution. I think it’d be more practical for skill modifiers be more common on yellow and green items, because those are really what make unique items so important. It’d still be a pain to find what you want under my idea, but you’d still have a shot at it without having to introduce a whole new system into the game.

If they ever introduced a customisable crafting aspect to items, I think they’d go for a system where you combine base white/yellow/green items with prefixes/suffixes provided from items you have in your possession than a system where you create items entirely from scratch.

I am not advocating either the above suggestion or yours be added to the game but I think this one is more reasonable and easier to make happen with the current engine.

While I without a doubt feel your pain (it seems like most of the build ideas I have post-expansion lack gear…Callidor’s Tempest Mage Hunter with Inquisitor Seal and Aura of Censure seems like a no-brainer to me, but all the Callidor’s Tempest stuff seems to be for Soldier, Demolitionist or Necromancer) I don’t know that this would be the right answer.

But it would be nice if there was some way to allow items supporting more builds.