D2 LoD 1.09

Found that oldy on my long-lost and newly discowered notebook. Played for few days, lvled a 2H Axe Zerker from a scratch to lvl 70 hell-mephisto runner. There is something captivating at playing a pure melee char with a big axe and just smashing faces left and right. No fancy leech, just lots of dmg and giant life pool ). Things went surprisingly smooth, pushed to nm Baal on lvl 27, rund him with blue weapon till level 45, found Stormrider from NM meph, socketed it with 15IAS jewel, found shael , raven frost, IAS amy, LoH. I think im gona roll a bowason after i finish with this barb.

Farmed meph till level 83, that bastard dropped nothing >_< 430% MF, common, not even a Shako? Argrh, these bloody droprates. Finished the game as lvl84 Guardian, not sure if i will touch diablo in next few years :smiley: