D2JSP Gold for grim dawn??

If anybody know what JSP is, are they willing to trade gold/d2 items for grim dawn stuff? Let me know. If this isn’t allowed or wrong area please let me know as well! ty

Well, I read up a bit on this and while there is no way I can stop anyone from doing this, I would seriously love to try. This just makes no sense to me at all.

If you want to spend money on this game, get it to Crate somehow. There is absolutely no reason to buy gear in a game where you can make a custom map with all the loot you could want and more just lying on the ground.

I leave the thread open for discussion, we will see where this goes, if anywhere.

I’m going to just say that this is very obviously a closed server mechanic, and GD is an open server game. It just doesn’t work with GD inherently.

You can waste all your fg on me

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Any item you want :wink:

Would you mind explaining what you mean by i can make a custom map? Im brand new to the game.

Also the reason i brought this up was because i use to play a lot of diablo2 but have officially gave up the game and have chars and gold left over so i figured id ask!

I tried D3 but wasn’t a huge fan at all. They require you to buy to many expansions and BS… $40 game will become $100 by the time you have all the expansions lol… GD is absolutely awesome for the $15 i paid lol

Grim Dawn was designed to be moddable, meaning players can create their own maps and storylines, etc. Just requires some work by the players to learn how to do it. There are a few forums dedicated to that in the Grim Dawn Community section of the forums.

All Grim Dawn data and save files are located on the player’s computer. They are not stored on some server somewhere.

you can create a mod with its own map, e.g. a map on which all unique items lie around, waiting to be picked up

Of course there are easier ways to get every item in game via tools than to create a custom map for that :wink:

Sent you a pm if youre willing to help me at all! Lol. I want to learn more about the game.

Ill have to look into this… Thanks

I would suggest to build up your collection yourself, especially if you think you will be playing GD for longer. You might not find what you are looking for, but you will quickly find a lot of items, so that you can start to create dedicated builds for them.

However, if you want to have a head start, then you can use GDSidekick. But you might feel spoiled afterwards. I think I would be missing something in GD, if I had not to tinker with magical and rare items and be partly reliant on what I find during my playthroughs.