Dagallon's Set

This set has a lot of problems, mainly coming down to the lack of focus and the weak bonuses overall:

  • It is a DW set which supports inquisor’s WPS, but also mortar trap (a totem) AND a pseudo-DoT skill. All of those have completely different scaling mechanics, gear requirements AND are all skills with at least 2 modifiers, on top of presumable Fire Strike.
  • Fire/Lightning hybridization maybe works for Fire Strike somewhat (for which set provides 0 skill bonuses), but doesn’t interact well neither for Mortar nor Word of Pain, as they end up with Fire part being roughly 3 times higher than Lightning part.
  • Both guns have always pierce on them, but mortar and WoP won’t benefit from it and would prefer having an off-hand, especially due mortar summon limit on helmet.
  • Despite being so spread thematically, the set gives next to nothing to its skills, +3 bonus here, some awkward conversion there, but nothing particularly interesting or powerful.

I don’t think any numerical tweaks would save this set so I propose a radical solution - make it a 5pt set by adding belt/medal/amulet, but max out at 4pt. This way builds can choose which element or DW/off-hand to prioritize.

  • Annihilator - +1 Shaman skills, +2 Savagery line, +2 Wind Devil line, flat CD reduction for Wind Devil and +1 summon limit to it, Bursting Round conversion to Lightning mod.
  • Destroyer - +1 Demo skills, +2 Fire Strike line, +2 Mortar line, flat CD reduction for Mortar and +1 summon limit to it, conversion to Fire on Storm Spread.
  • Faceguard - +1 Inq skills, +2 Mortar line, +2 Wind Devil line.
  • Armor - +2 Mortar line, +2 Wind Devil line.
  • Belt/medal/amulet - Fire damage, Lightning Damage, +2 Fire Strike line, +2 Savagery line.
  • 3pt bonus - +3 Mortar, +3 Wind Devil.
  • 4pt bonus - Chaos converted to Fire on Fire Strike, some mod for Savagery, +3 for both.

I assume the intent of the set is using auto-attack skill and having a totem as a fire support, that’s why I paired Fire Strike/Mortar and Savager/Wind Devil.
Always pierce may sound OP (which I assume the prime reason the set itself is terrible), but at the end of the day it doesn’t kill bosses faster.

Lore-wise Dagallon would spend his time studying his potential threat, with no concerns to methods and sources,
and had his load-out set up accordingly. Wouldn’t be that much of a departure from his original character, he would still be an obsessed freak to his colleagues, but gets his job done.

Pls I want ranged Savagery with clear at least not lagging behind Primal Strike too much, while also not being forced into Ultos’ set.

I disagree, youre suggestions seem to powerful but I like the idea of Wind Devil + Savagery.
Dagallon’s Pistols are pretty powerful even if the set itself is a mess. 2x Dagallon Lightning Purifier/Vindicator is very good, 2x Dagallon Fire Purifier is equally amazing.

Current Set -

[spoiler]Word of Pain Aspect -

Basically my advice is to remove the Word of Pain aspect of the build. The set is trying to do too many things at once and is ultimately failing at it. Word of Pain builds will never use this as there are far, far better itemization options.
Word of Pain itself doesn’t contribute much to the overall build itself.

Ranged Aspect -

The ranged aspect is in a good place, the individual pistols are powerful in their own right. So I don’t think anything needs to be done to them. Builds posted by korsar and one by fluff are living proof that the ranged aspect is powerful. I also tried a weird Static Strike focused Purifier and it came out decently as well.

Trap Aspect -

The Trap aspect of the full set is rather weak. Terronox + Anderos combo will beat this easily since that combination provides insane flat CDR to Mortar Trap and offers much better flexibility in terms of gearing. Whilst buffing the Trap aspect of the build I strongly suggest you guys consider adding Wind Devil bonuses to the set[/spoiler]

Suggestions -

[spoiler]Annihilator - Word of Agony bonuses are pointless, change it to Static Strike
Add Wind Devil bonus

Destroyer - Add Raging Tempest bonus

Dagallon’s Armor - Word of Pain bonus is again pointless, change it to +3 to Maelstrom

Dagallon’s Faceguard - Trap bonuses are nice, add -1 second recharge to Wind Devil and +1 Summon Limit to Wind Devil.

Full Set bonus/4pc Bonus - Add 10% CDR, -3 second skill recharge to Mortar Trap and lives for 8 second to Wind Devil and +1 Summon Limit to Mortar Trap.
Also add flat lightning Damage to Wind Devil
Also add +3 to Savagery and +3 to Fire Strike (basically the OP’s suggestion)

Conclusions -

The buffs I suggest will turn it into a Runebinder type set, i.e full set can either support ranged playstyle or trap playstyle but not both. Runebinder works fine so I am sure Dagallon with these changes should do well as well


Not surprising, since there are like 4 guns with always pierce stat, two of them are 2handers.
Seeing these two pistols as a part of some shit set is offensive.

The set could use a rework.
I don’t think the items should be replaced, but the modifiers could be. Since this set is DW pistol focus mainly for purifier builds, it should take that into account.

It might be best to ditch all the mortar trap bonuses for firestrike related bonuses. As it was pointed out in the other thread, The chaos damage from brimstone should be converted to fire/lightning. Maybe 50% fire and 50% lightning, maybe less. These can be added to the guns respectively.

As for replacing the mortar trap bonuses, maybe add a modifier to convert chillsurge rounds to fire and electric too. This will make the skill useful for purifier builds. This could be added to either the helm or chest piece.

The word of pain bonuses are fine to me.

What about mortar traps? Make a new set that focuses that with shaman skill I guess? (never played shaman in my 500 hours of playing) A mortar trap/totem elementalist set sounds fun.

OK back with more suggestions.
I’ll list some of the changes that would be most beneficial for each item. Red is removed. Green is added. Actual values would need to be tinkered with.

Set bonuses
(2) Set
8-15 Fire Damage
8-15 Lightning Damage
+10% Attack Speed
(3) Set
+10% Crit Damage
+10% Attack Speed
+2 Static Strike
+2 Brimstone
(4) Set
+3 to Word of Pain
+3 to Mortar Trap
+1 Demo
100% Cold Damage converted to Fire Damage to Word of Pain
-20% Elemental Resistance to Word of Pain
Total Damage Modified by 15% to Mortar Trap
Granted Skill
Firestorm Rounds
“Dagallon’s would make use of his unique ammunition because of his preference for fire and lightning.”
Activates off of basic attacks. Fires both guns at same time.
15 - 20% chance to be used
.5 meter radius
35 - 65 fire damage
35 - 65 lightning damage
80 - 120% weapon damage
+40% crit damage

Dagallon’s Annihilator
100% Chance to pass through Enemies (Hidden)
11-27 Lightning Damage
+147% Lightning Damage
+147% Electrocute Damage
+32 Offensive Ability
+10% Attack Speed
12% Bleeding Resistance
+3 to Storm Spread
+2 to Word of Agony
+2 to Static Strike
+40% Crit Damage to Storm Spread
+75% chaos damage to lightning damage to Fire Strike

Dagallon’s Destroyer
100% Chance to pass through Enemies (Hidden)
17-25 Fire Damage
+147% Fire Damage
+147% Burn Damage
+32 Offensive Ability
+10% Attack Speed
12% Chaos Resistance
+3 to Bursting Round
+2 to Mortar Trap
+2 to Fire Strike
+2 to Brimstone
+40% Crit Damage to Bursting Round
+25% chaos damage to fire damage to Fire Strike

Dagallon’s Faceguard
+84% Fire Damage
+84% Lightning Damage
+84% Burn Damage
+84% Electrocute Damage
+355 Health
+48 Offensive Ability
24% Aether Resistance
16% Elemental Resistance
+2 to Death Sentence
+2 to Deadly Aim
+1 to Fire Strike
+1 to all skills in Demolitionist
1 Summon Limit to Mortar Trap
-20% Skill Energy Cost to Mortar Trap
+8% Attack Speed to Deadly Aim

Dagallon’s Armor
+84% Fire Damage
+84% Lightning Damage
+84% Burn Damage
+84% Electrocute Damage
+65 Defensive Ability
35% Poison & Acid Resistance
24% Elemental Resistance
5% Physical Resistance
+2 to Word of Pain
+3 to Heavy Ordnance
+2 to Temper
+1 to Inquisitor
+100% physical damage to lightning damage to Flame Touched

Dagallon’s main problem is that trying to cover Mortar Trap, Inquisitor’s WPSes and an auto-attacker like Fire Strike means you either are terrible at one/good at the other or are just generally below average at both due to being point starved.

Rather than adding Fire Strike bonuses to it, what would everyone’s opinions be on adding a unique auto-attacker to it as a 4-piece bonus, just like how the Runebinder set has Runic Bolts as a unique ability? This means mastery points can be focused on what the set currently focuses on being Mortar Trap or Word of Pain combined with the Inquisitor’s WPSes. This should also leave plenty of points for other support/utility abilities such as Flashbang, Thermite Mines, Inquisitor Seal etc.

It would depend on how strong the skill is.
Runic Bolts for example, is an extremely powerful skill that comes at no investment (except donning the full set), but is gimped by having a less-than-optimal weapon.
By making it too good it would kill almost all other DW gun options, because a default attack replacer is the one thing the Inquisitor class lacks.

I think Dagallon’s isn’t so bad: offensively it’s strong but it grants few defenses.
To help with that, the chest could have some physical damage reduction and possibly the helm as well, so you don’t fold like a paper doll when a Hulk hits you.

Adding a default attack skill might be too much. I am not sure though.

Removing the use of fire strike frees up about 25 or more points. Could even reduce mastery bar by 10 if last column isn’t needed in demo.

The new default attack should focus on fire and lightning. No radius damage as guns have pass through enemies. At least 125%Weapon damage.
Maybe some burn and electrocute. Maybe some elemental reduction.

Also there could be some modifiers else where in the set to convert chillsurge WPS to fire and lightning.

This set should be focused on ranged auto attacks and WPS.

If this change was taken, then the +skills should add more to Inquistors WPS, WoP, and passive/toggled abilities

Bumping this because of Valinov’s recent dagallon post.

But I’m surprised to see how no one has suggested giving the set a physical --> Fire/lightning conversion to benefit mortar traps.

Making the dagallon set yet another ranged set autoattacking set is the last thing we need, I feel.

I’m all for making this the light’s defender equivalent for demolitionists.