daily updates prohibiting my gaming


Those daily updates are released in the afternoon in europe. Normaly i really appreciate daily updates, but every day after work i have to update for several hours. I get forced to do this huge daily update. I share a 0.28mbit internet connection with my room mate and this 1 GB download is a big challenge each evening. :o
Can you please make a compact diff-patcher, or give us the opportunity to do those updates next night?

Please search for a solution here!!
Not everybody has the opportunity to get a fast internet :o


I know it’s not perfect, but you can always start Steam in off-line mode just to play Grim Dawn and set the updater to only update when you launch the game so it won’t start updating at any other time when you are on line with steam unless you want it to

1 GB each evening? I think the last one was 100-150MB.

There is no real solution here, they cannot not release updates just because your internet is still at dial-up speed.

Took me a few minutes to update and that was on a sucky hotel line, at home that would have been a few seconds.

If your internet is so bad, find some free wifi closeby (can’t believe you cannot upgrade it though, even phone lines are faster than that).

Thanks for the responses!

your steam offline mode advice definitely solves my problem! great and simple :slight_smile:

ya, as i remember each update this week had around 700 up to 1000mb.
maybe those big updates are the result of some kind of corrupt data.
i wanted to post some update logs, but couldn`t find it.

Does somebody know where they are?

well my internet is not that bad :9 i could do it in 1 hour, but my room mate plays counterstrike all the eve and is hypersensible to high pings :slight_smile:
so i have to reduce download speed to around 100kb/s for a quite constant ping, to prevent him from raging :rolleyes:

Tell your roommate to stop being a bitch for five min when there’s an update. :slight_smile:


Tell him to go outside or something. If your roommate rages because he gets lag in Counterstrike, he needs to make some serious lifestyle changes. :rolleyes:

The last three patches have been ~3.5mb ~150mb and ~175mb, do not sure where those figures of 1gb+ are coming from.

Also, Steam does use diff based patching.

Most likely a display error. Issue with Steam for a LONG time. You’ll see something like 1.3G or something, but the actual patch is not nearly that size.

… this is just for getting my 3rd post to be allowed to post links…

finally i made a screenshot of the update progress. it`s definately no display error!
1.2 GB this time,… so i expect the updates since friday have in sum around 200mb? :wink:

so if i can help you by providing some information, tell me…

greetz, rhovac

Isn’t it kind of strange that the update bar is at 2/3rds while you only downloaded about 220 MB of 1.2 GB?

true it is somehow strange. i think i remind, the progressbar was starting on previously updates at over 50% too.

just expecting 100% of the progress bar is the games 3.75gb, the progressbar had to be at 74% in pictures moment.
for me it doesnt look like 74%… more than 65%… but my eyes are not the best anymore :slight_smile:

but without knowing details about the updating process this doesn`t help us too much.

Can’t you just freeze updates on your steam game?

i can do it by staying “steam-offline”. thats a good solution for me, when i want to play after work.
but at least the fact my updates are not the same of others, i think i`m experiancing a bug here.

right now i just offering support in case someone is interessted to dive into it