damage and modifier

Hi everyone,

I have been playing Grim Dawn for some days now and I was wondering about the exact relation between damage and the modifier.
For example - on the second page of the attribute list all the different damage types are listed. Let´s take my current arcanist - for example it is written the following:

Burn Damage: 0
Burn Modifier: +34 %
Burn Duration: + 0 %

So what exactly does this mean, or rather the modifier. Since my burn damage, apparently, is 0, the modifier doesn´t do anything right? Because 34 % from 0 is still 0. Is this correct? So whenever you get a modifier for some damage type, you need to have this damage actually, otherwise this modifier goes right down the drain.

Please let me know if this is correct, thank you.

Cheers lead

Correct. 30% of 0=0

If you have 100 flat, +30%, you’ll end with 130 total.

ok thank you!

the burn modifier also increases all burn damage done with skills.

To clarify:

-Burn damage: this is the flat amount of damage that you find on gear (for example, on http://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/items/1972-Leander-Greene’s-Hand-Cannon: 45 burn damage over 3 seconds). This damage is added to your default attacks and skills with %weapon damage listed on them.

-Burn modifier: this increases ALL burn damage that you deal by the listed percentage. This includes the flat Burn damage mentioned above (0 in your case, if you used Leander Green’s Handcannon, that damage would go from 45 to 60), but also the burn damage you deal with skills. In your example, if you used Blackwater Cocktail (at lv12/12), it would deal 34% more burn damage, going from 35 to 47 burn damage for 3 seconds.
This means that your modifier is independent from the flat damage value above, you don’t need to have more than 0 there to have a use for it.

-Burn duration simply increases how long a burning effect that you apply will last (with +100% here, Blackwater Cocktail would let enemies burn for 6 seconds instead of 3).