Damage archetypes in Grim Dawn

Silly post incoming. In games like Magic: The Gathering the combination of two colors represents new archetypes or factions. Am I the only one who likes to imagine the combination of two types of damage as a new archetype of damage? Some archetypes that I thought:

Physical + Fire = Explosion
Pierce + Cold = Cold Blood Murder
Pierce + Poison = Noxious Assassin
Aether + Fire = Aetherfire
Aether + Lightning = Aether Storm
Aether + Vitality = Soul Ripper
Chaos + Vitality = Doom
Chaos + Poison = Corruption
Chaos + Fire = Hellfire
Poison + Vitality = Necrosis
Poison + Cold = Strangler Poison
Cold + Lightning = Maelstrom
Lightning + Fire = Fire Storm

Have some of you guys thought about a combination?

Well, we already have Aetherfire in the game.

But no, not really thought about combos.

those combos would probably only happens in our imaginations and written lores/fics. gd is already complicated enough with its damage types complexity. iirc crate wants to simplify the damage types for gd2. they could change their mind though.

also, the combination list is lacking bleed, internal trauma, burn, electrocute, frostburn, & vitality decay. now we can understand why crate’s small team seems overwhelmed by the numbers of damage type and combinations. not to mention damage conversions…

here’s one combination that needs more support:
aether + chaos = grim dawn, or shattered reality.
there’s a legendary amulet called essence of the grim dawn which gives bonuses to aether & chaos damage. cool name and lore, but i’m not sure if aether + chaos is a viable combination or not. but then again, its an awesome item.