Damage Conversion from SKill Bloody Pox

Hello friends. I have a question about Skill Bloody Pox with Item Judgment Of The Three. This item converts all Vitality damage from Skill to Acid, but Black Death enhancement only increases Vitality Damage and not Acid damage. Is this correct or does Black Death in fact change to increase Acid Damage when I do this conversion? The same happens with Skill retribution when I convert the physical damage to acid. It shows that Trauma damage is increasing, but it seems to me that in practice this trauma has also been converted. Thanks and sorry for the English of google translator.

skill conversion:

  1. skill -> calculate the skill line normally.
  2. convert skill damage
  3. add general % type bonus.

So, if I understand your question:

  1. skill vitality is calculated normally and acid is calculated normally before conversion. Skill calculations are now complete.
  2. next the resulting vitality damage is converted to acid