Damage Conversion Potions?

Hello, I am new to Grim Dawn, only 1 week in, but I have always been a fan of light modding. I was hoping someone might be able to give me a rundown on making a potion with global damage conversion for a set duration.

So far, I have managed to navigate to the chaos elixir, which appears to be close to what I’m after. Under groups, I see :Conversion Parameters" listed. If I was to enter say:

conversionInType: Cold
conversionOutType: Aether
conversionPercentage: 100

Wouldn’t that mean that 100% cold damage is converted to Aether damage for the duration of the potion? I have many more questions, but this will start things off, thank you in advance.

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That is what would happen, yup!

Okay cool, so I guess I’m on the right track. Is there any way to add additional…effects? So far I see two, but I am hoping to convert all damage types into one particular type. Is that possible on a single potion? Thx

Nope, max of 4:

There are two Conversion slots, so you can convert Elemental (which is three damage types) and something else to your desired result.

Ah, that is a great tip, thank you very much!