Damage conversion question

Ok having a little freakout here… I’ve always thought damage conversion is like whatever your final damage is (say i have +500% physical damage listed, and the physical flat listed as 1000-3000, which is final number after that x500%) gets converted.

So in my above example converting 100% physical to fire would convert 1000-3000 physical to fire, then ADD that damage to my current listed fire damage. Is that correct? Because if so why does it still list flat damage numbers for the physical? Does 100% conversion not actually convert 100%?

One place i tested this was with a lightning build, i put on sword of beronath and DPS went DOWN. how is that possible? it should convert literally 100% of my elemental damage then ADD all my physical to that for the final count of how much physical i have right? So i’m confused how DPS drops.

UNLESS does it IGNORE all your +% damage and only convert your base unaugmented dmg? That can’t be right otherwise conversion would be 100% useless.

Confused :o

Check the conversion order in the game guide. Also look here http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=52486

awesome thx !!