Damage Conversion - Weapon, Skills, Devotion


I am building a Witchblade (Soldier/Occultist) and I want to use Cadence as main attack.

So, my question is related to the Solael’s Witchfire and it’s transmutator skill, the Consecrated Blade, which converts Physical Damage to Chaos damage.

I want to take Menhir’s Bulwark, which gives +physical damage. And I want to get the Kraken constellation, which gives +physical damage percentage and +to all damage percentage.

So, what I want to know is:

  1. What does the Consecrated Blade convert? Physical damage of Cadence, Menhir’s Bulwark?

  2. How does the Kraken constellation work, does it enhance the physical damage and then that enhanced physical damage gonna be converted to chaos?

  3. When the Kraken adds a percentage to all damage, will it add to both physical and to chaos? Meaning that it adds to physical which then will be converted to chaos. But it also adds to chaos damage that was already converted? Or it only adds to the standard chaos damage that is not converted but comes from a ring for example?

Thanks in advance!

Conversion works exactly like I posted here :slight_smile:

  1. Both. Phys damage from cadence will be on every third hit and will be converted AFTER Fighting Form (only skill +%damage occurs before conversion) has increased the phys damage which is then converted. Same goes for Deadly momentum. This is a constant buff, on every hit, as lonf a syou stay in batlle. Deadly momentum is also converted and is a huge damage buff like menhir.

  2. Like I answered in that thread :p, only skill %damage occurs before conversion. Devotion and equippment does not. So from Kraken the +%phys damge increase will worf after conversion. The +% Total damage will also work AFTER conversion but will affect both Chaos and Phys. No double dipping on devotions and equippment. Only on skills you get before conversion increase, in your case Fighting Form.

  3. See “2”

Edit: I noticed you asked about bulwark and Kraken. Remember that Kraken requieres Two handed weapons

Thanks again Fluff! :smiley:

Oh shish… I haven’t noticed. I am using one-handed weapon with shield. Damm, and this Kraken looked so cool.

Anyways, I want to use the Tree of Life and Dying God constellations.