Damage Over Time Caster?

What are some of the current options for Damage over Time caster builds?

I’ve played a bit with Bloody Pox and liked it quite a bit but it doesn’t seem like it can be used as a primary attack and is used as support to other skills.

I’m wanting to build a “fire & forget” DoT build.

For some reason i did think that… Harbinger set gloves (they add weapon damage to doom bolt :rolleyes:), then a combo that can at least give 2 flat “DoT” source… like a weapon with a strong lighting dot and star pact.

I think it will be worth trying to figure out something like that, since we can CDR more with star pact, then Arcanist itself had access to IEE that can be used has RNG DoT source… added to vitality decay.

Else try to see in the “demo” mastery, maybe u can have a better idea on how to use all those burning things XD (like a BWC with transmute, should work likely Bloody pox so should better fit for F&F purpose). But going for the “caster” route (because there’s no WD) maybe it will lack “variety” so, u just need a strong/lasting one in this case.

btw gonna try to see if there are already builds like that (Arcanist+Occultist) for cheat with the new skills mod XD

Before the expansion I tried a couple ideas out but none of them seemed all that great.

I agree the new skill modifiers make a lot of the DoT skills much better.

i alreAdy did post this elsewhere, but maybe can give you an idea on “how to cheat” with skill mods XD


basically, i did convert all the ele damage coming from any source in to physical with Beronath blade, even if the builder don’t show it, im pretty sure that converts even frostburn in to internal trauma damage, so the only frostburn source is AFF (at least, i remember that when i did try out that sword in the previous version).

Spellscourge set add WD (but is not that high, 18%) to devastation and also can apply bleed with -X% bleed resistance (devotion), in addition, due the judicator set of rings (more likely open hand of mercy) when the skill hit it should do improve a little the debuff on resistance. Other than that… should have a good dps due the Aether and Fire values being converted in Physical at the same time (should be around 10k has raw value, x hit ofc).

This way can work has F&F, because we cast devastation and then, let him shower enemies with bleed (and internal trauma ofc).

Downside… CD time, even with star pact we still have only around 25%, which is not enough, 18 * 0.75 = 13.5, so we are around 30%~35% uptime for this skill.

Maybe Doombolt should be better at it (since i did check the gears… can go up to 120% WD with 2 harbinger pieces)… still have to look at the shaman or the new classes, Necro should have a ST skill that actually works like a DoT, and can be transmute for last longer, but switching damage type.

U want DOT? Play DEE spam and enjoy rekting stuffs that aint highly resistent to Poison/Acid. There is also Dswarm spam build that rekts ultimate but tbh its really boring since all u have to do is run around, spam Dswarm and places some totems… However do u really think its enjoyable to just press buttons and wait? Or do u prefer to get into the actions and rightclick the boss while simultaneously pressing the right buttons and back out before u die? :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Take a read through this topic if you haven’t already and bear in mind that it is fairly old so hadn’t been updated for the expansion, but it will help you understand how DoTs and DoT builds work regardless.


level 51 with this rn, strongest build ive ever played so far and it’s only going to get more and more powerful and tanky.