Damage over time stacking?

Hi guys,

I could use your help figuring out damage over time stacking cause it’s really confusing me!

This is from the Game Mechanincs:

“This works similarly for debuffs and damage over time effects. If you apply a % reduction to a monster’s damage by using a skill and then do the same thing with a weapon attack, only the strongest debuff will be take effect. The effects do not stack. Likewise, a target will only take damage from the strongest damage over time effect, such as burn damage.
In the case that a strong effect has a shorter duration than a weaker effect, the weaker effect will become active once the stronger effect expires.”

For example if i want to make bleeding build for shaman:

  • Entangling vines 12/12 = +100% bleeding damage
  • Blood pact 12/12 = +93% bleeding damage
  • Primal Pond 12/12 = + 143% bleeding damage

So these three bonuses does not stack? Only the Primal Pond’s effect is active? So basically bonuses from EV and BP are useless in terms of bonus damage because PP has highest +% to bleeding damage?

Your help is much appreciated!

I thought they changed that a few builds back

Originally Posted by Zantai
Damage over Time from multiple sources (ex. Poison on Weapon and from Dreeg’s Evil Eye on the same target) no longer suffer from diminishing returns and now deal full damage

Lets see:

  1. You mixing up debuffs and damage boosters. Entangling vines, blood pact and primal bond are all damage boosters and stack giving you 336% more bleeding damage than with out them.

  2. The Game guide is outdated, it been change since then:
    i) For DOTs as long as it a not the same DOT skill it will stack. That is Devouring Swarm and Grasping Vines bleed damage will stack.

ii) Resist debuffs well it more complex, any that debuffs a named resist will stack with other resists. This means a Conjurer can stack devouring swarm (-50 bleed) and curse of frailty (-50 bleed) for a total of -100 bleed resist, you can also stack any other resist debuffs on top. Its only -X resist or -x% resist that dont stack with other sources.

I got it,thank you very much for your replies!

I don’t know how you found this, are you using an offline version of the site or something?