Damage Types

Would like to know if there is such a thing for example, that 1000 physical damage is worse than 1000 chaos damage or 1000 pierce damage is better than 1000 aether damage? Or it’s just up to individual enemy stats?

Physical damage adheres to armour whereas Pierce bypasses it. Otherwise, it’s up to resistances as far as i’m aware.

Physical is considered one of the strongest damage types in the game as most enemies have around a resistance of 30 to it at the most so it is easy to reduce into the negatives, especially when Assassin’s Mark is so accessible.



What would be better to have. For example: 10000 physical damage or 2000 chaos, 2000 aether, 2000 fire, 2000 lightning, 2000 pierce???

You should choose the damage type that fits with your build. What kind of build (mastery) do you want to play and caster or melee style?

I’de say 10000 physical damage. Split damage starts to get awkward and hard to manage when you go past 3 or 4 damage types. It does however work for pet builds and I think also for retaliation builds due to the nature of how damage and damage bonuses are distributed for them.

Thanksssssssssssssssss :slight_smile:

I know what you wanted to point, but it wasn’t the part of my question

Then your question was dumb. He’s right. It’s all about your mastery and playstyle.

There are no dumb questions, there are imbeciles like you that make them look dumb

Your question was dumb because it separates damage type from playstyle/mastery as if some such absurd thing could even be done. It was a dumb question and we’ve already had threads debating the damage types’ standings if you’d bothered to look. It was a dumb question because a cursory look through the forums using the search function would have answered it in spades.

so many damage types and resistances! I agree, as stated previously, damage type is decided more based on what’s available to your build. Unless you are planning a new build around a specific damage type I suppose…