Just a quick question. I’m running a Death Knight build level 81. I just face tanked the final boss in Malmouth. I only do about 17k damage per attack. How do you guys get your damage output so high? Saw A guy yesterday that did 164k per attack. I run a vitality build and do all the procs I can find and gear that helps that out. I’m lost!

Post your build with Grim Tools and someone will help you out. :slight_smile:

You can’t compare a level 81 to a level 100. At max level, your damage can increase even ten times. I did hit with my Spellbinder for ~80k DPS below level 94, at 94, when I equipped my set, my damage raised to ~200k, which then jumped to ~250k at level 100 and with a new item. My DK, on the other hand, dealt like 10 - 20k damage before 94, then managed to hit 393k before rebuilding to sword and shield. Now I hit for about 100 - 250k (150+ when I am lucky and my RNG puts my damage to the max with a cool amount of OA and all buffs applied - talking about crits, of course).

No at level 94, you reach almost your full potential. Rest does not make much difference unless if you save your critical skill point allocation till the end:rolleyes:

I’m not saying that this is the case in this situation, but the game is fully moddable so there’s no guarantee that any char hasn’t been tweaked. :wink: