Dark Rose - Lazy Dark One’s Set Budget Pet Conjurer

Mogdrogen’s Ardor would be Best choice of relic. Only reason I am using Ancestor instead is because the build is Budget focused and Ancestor is easier to make.

Regarding Heart of the Mountain vs Sand King, ideally you want Sand King due to how good it is for Bleed Pet builds, but Heart can work.

First time making a pet build on GD and I’m having an absolute blast playing it. Thank you for all your time and effort put into making this great guide :slight_smile:

I have one question though in regards to your leveling version of the guide. Why do we max out possession? Is it only for the DA and chaos res? Seems like a hefty investment.

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Ideally you want Primal Bond, but going for it means having to invest into the Shaman mastery bar just for the skill. Focusing on Occultist is better early on, so we only invest as few points into Shaman as we absolutely need to.

Possession is for the damage absorption first and foremost, the rest of the stuff is just extra bonus. 12 points for all it provides is pretty reasonable, even on a pet build.

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Hi Maya! Just started running this today, but I am a bit lost here. By the time I got enough devotions for Blizzard, I don’t have enough skills to bind it to (have Crook on CoF and Crown on Swarm). Do I need to use a component skill or??

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Crown and Blizzard go on Pets :stuck_out_tongue:
Anything you can bind to pets, should be bound to pets since they scale on pet stats when you do that and will do more damage that way.

Gotcha. Thanks for the reply!

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Build tested and slightly updated for Playtest (nothing major, just reallocated 2 skill points from Blood of Dreeg to 1 point Mend Flesh and +1 to Emboldening presence to get it to 13/12)