Darn Crate why are Nemesis Bosses so hard to find?

The question is in the title. No, I don’t want the game as easy as the other companies game, but I can spend an hour playing and not find one of these guys! And I’m looking in the supposed spawn spots!
Too easy is boring, too hard and lose interest. The truth lies in the middle.

Yes I know I will get flamed for this post, but a forum is about opinions. Here is mine.

PS Opinions are like belly buttons we all have them and they don’t do anything. So I already know what my opinion is worth…

I found hunting them to be a waste of time IMO. Not only are they hard to find, but they’re way overtuned for most builds to be able to beat them anyway. You need to be running one of the OP cookie cutter builds and be heavily geared out to be able to reliably beat these things anyway. Kiting around and tickling a mob to death that can 1 shot me over a period of 5 minutes isn’t fun or challenging, its mind numbing. And that’s the sorta problems a non-meta build runs into. And the reason I’m saying its pointless to fight them. If you think you’re going to get flamed for your post TC, I’m more likely to get flamed for mine.

Don’t get me wrong, I could do what everyone else does and make a TD shadow strike spammer that drops nemesis mobs in 8 seconds and brag about how god tier I am, but I’d personally rather they balance the game around normal builds. And those players always have Avatar of Mogdrogen to beat on if they think 8 second nemesis kills are too easy.

Who’s TC? Just curious…

It’s an acronym for topic creator.

Here’s a feedback I made this week:

Well chaosblade I won’t flame you!

I don’t try and farm them in Ultimate, way too long of fights if you don’t want to die 10 times when you can find them. But in Elite they are farmable and can drop nice recipes with an occasional legendary.

The only run I do is from broken hills to the undercity, kill the boss, farm his shards and maybe one out of 8 times I find the undead nemesis boss. I found more legendary’s this way then all my time playing in ultimate. I’m trying to gear up to make ultimate a little easier even though I’m at the stop the Loggerythm boss quest (Ha) in ultimate.

I’ve tried different routes to find the aetherial or chaos boss but they seem to be nearly impossible to find. Apparently I’m gonna have to kill Cronley’s dudes or the necromancer faction forever to get them to nemesis.

I agree that some nemeses have too many spawn locations. I disagree that only meta builds can farm them. My builds definitely can’t do it in 8 seconds, but I can reliably kill them with even the weirdest builds (like my shield-bearing melee chaos/vit pyromancer). It requires a lot of effort, items, and advanced mechanical knowledge to make this happen, so it’s not a stretch of the imagination to call them overtuned in ultimate. While I disagree that only meta builds can farm them, they are certainly challenging and can be frustrating before a player figures out the quirks and strategies for killing each nemesis.

If they are to tough I resort to my rifle and Mark of Dreeg! Run around stay alive and poison them slowly to death! Ha…

Never encountered one so I’m guessing seeking one out is not worth it, huh?

Playing through Ultimate with my Warder and knowing my luck, Benn’Jahr will spawn in Bastion of Chaos.

I only found one Nemesis so far and it was Valdaran on Elite. Killed him in around 20 seconds with my crappy Druid.

I’ve found that Valdaran is impossible to kill without capped Lightning resist, and very easy with it. Since you cannot avoid his Stun-TP on your face-shotgun Lightning ball combo, it only comes down to whether you can survive that. If you can’t he will kill you every time he does it and there’s nothing you can do about it, if you can survive it he’s no threat at all and goes down quickly since that’s all he has basically.

The only Nemesis that is hard to find is Benn’Jahr in my opinion, since he has such a ridiculous amount of spawn points that are spread all over the world. Fabius, Iron maiden and the Order guy are all very easy to find, takes you around 5 minutes usually. Moose comes next, takes around 10 minutes usually, but it can happen that he spawns in SoT and I don’t use Skeleton keys if I don’t find him outside so that’s a bit annoying. Valdaran takes a little while, I usually start with Warden’s Cellar-Transit-Lab, he has a total of 7 spawn poins there so pretty good odds and it takes around 10 minutes as well. If he’s not there, I go to the Conflagration (2 spots), then Gruesome Harvest (3 spots), and last the Necropolis (4 spots).

Found Benn’Jhar in Obsidian Throne and Valdaran in Necropolis, both on Ultimate. Killed them both without dying once but boy, it took me around 5 minutes to kill each.

Then again, i’m still trying to figure out how to kill these guys. With more experience and some better gear i can kill them faster.