Well, more like ‘playing’ the queue…

I’ve actually gotten in twice over the last three days, but each time I’ve had a blast. I’d say I highly recommend the game, but then you’d probably queue ahead of me sometime in the future, and I can’t have that. So no, the game’s awful! /s

It seems well balanced, the fights are very well done and benefit as much from higher-skilled players as they do from more-cooperative players. It feels like a marginally-faster-paced Monster Hunter with a definitively more ‘Western-society’ feel. The different weapons are very unique, and all the loot in the game is fairly interesting too, so I’m looking forward to getting all the different armor types and weapon types fully maxed out so I can tinker around with shit.

Anyone else planning to wait 10 years to play the game? My in-game handle is Ceno12, if you’d want to add me as a friend (note that I get no notification for when you do so; I’d need your handle to add you in return) and hunt some monsters behemoths together.

Edit: https://playdauntless.com/ Don’t forget to hit me up with those referrals if you’re so inclined! :wink:

I plan on playing it until MH:W comes out on PC, but only after I finish Queue Simulator.

Edit: In all honesty I don’t think this game’s going to last. Too much Founder vs Supporter drama, servers are basically on fire, dev team can’t keep up, insane queues even though they said they sped them up(you’re still looking at 45m+ to get in). Don’t know if they fixed the tutorial that probably turned a ton of people off due to <20 fps, or if they fixed the loading screen after the tutorial that would wipe your character if you d/ced during it.

Shitty because the game looked great and ran great after the slideshow tutorial, but crashing during the tutorial and starting over, or being d/ced just to be thrown back into a 1 hr queue isn’t good.

Edit2: Disregarding the above, not sure if the tutorial crashes/lags still, but the game’s pretty good now that they have zero-queue, although the combat makes you commit way too much and it feels a bit slow and clunky.

I played several hours over the past weekend - and while I can see maybe playing in short 15-30 minute bursts…I don’t know, for me right now it just seems quite repetitive…

I do plan to check out Monster Hunter when it makes its PC debut - but as I’m not familiar with that series, I wonder - how will it be different? Just going in and repeatedly bashing monsters over and over in the same environment, with the same flee patterns - it just doesn’t do it for me.

I was really hoping I’d like Dauntless more, but I am glad I waiting to try it at open beta, rather than buying in on the Founder’s pack system :expressionless:

did some hunts last night and, uh, playing with lag is horrible. You desync hard, in one instance I was attacking a behemoth and next thing I know I’m 30ft away from it. Game needs some sort of way of handling lag.