Dawn of Masteries

Then it’s good time to play this mod.

Any recommended classes for 2H sword build?

Champion (Zenith) + Stalker (Cataclysm). Farm for the new 2H Aether sword (Lucius’ Blade-Arm) from Commander Lucius at Fort Ikon. Look for good affixes on the sword (great prefixes would be “Aetherfire”, “Frenzied”, “Magestorm”, “Officer’s”, “Tyrant’s” , great suffixes would be “of Celestial Wrath”, “of Fury”, “of the Abomination”, “of Shattered Reality”. Converts all the physical and elemental damage to Aether. Massive aether resist reduction offered by both classes. Huge life leech for sustain.

Probably my highest damage melee character in DoM.

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Hello mamba,

There’s a bug with the Cataclysm 2Handed crafting loottable.

  1. records/cat/items/loottables/weapons/tdyn_melee2h_epic.dbr
  2. records/cat/items/loottables/weapons/tdyn_melee2h_legendary_100.dbr
  3. records/cat/items/loottables/weapons/tdyn_melee2h_legendary_60.dbr
  4. records/cat/items/loottables/weapons/tdyn_melee2h_legendary_90.dbr

Each loot entry (lootName1, lootName2, etc.) is missing a loot weight, so they will never spawn.
Also, the prefixes and suffixes are missing from them.

Yes, these tables had a typo which in the compiled version results in what you describe (apart from missing even more lines than just the weights). Thanks for letting me know

thanks for this. but the option for Colorful Grimaril doesn’t appear, only Colorful DoM

what’s the difference and is that a problem?

You have to use different localization files because they have different text structures. If you want to use both, put the two files in the localization folder and select the language option. Click here for Grimarillion files.

Note that if you use more than one mod, remember to switch between custom mods.

ok, thanks. my confusion is because in the instructions for the DoM rainbow file it still says to select Colorful Grimarill. i guess that’s just a typo?

Ah, I got it. It was a mistake caused by copying Grimarillion’s description. :stuck_out_tongue:
I rewrote it. Thanks.

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cheers man, appreciate your efforts!

Version 1.0.0a released

Fixes some bugs


What weapon or damage skill do you use for your build?

Every single item at the D3 blacksmith in 1.0.0a says 3000 or 5000 physique required.

Thanks for the Rainbow File, @Matougi!
I noticed something: Did you forgot to include the prefix color-codes for the TQ items or is it intended?

From tags_tq_items.txt:

# Prefix
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that is not new, these are the Crusader 1h versions, you need to be a Crusader to use them and have the skill that reduces physique requirements


Oh so that’s just to make sure other classes can’t use them, eh.

Yeah, I overlooked them, thanks.
In addition, I found some miscolored items, so I fixed them and updated the file.

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Does this mod increases the skill points granted?

No, skill, stat, devotion points all are as in vanilla

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Ok tyvm. The valkyrie gunslinger summoned by the Triela set 's tooltip seemed bugged, it is showing as one damage. Is there any idea what sort of damage she scale from?

are sorc and paladin supposed to be visible with new update?