Dawnbreaker build?

I did drop the 4th piece of dawnbreaker set right now, and it’s some time i would like to try a retaliation/reflection build but i’m not expert in that kind of builds (never rolled1).

Anybody has some tips? Skills, devotions etc… every suggestion is welcome, maybe somebody already tried that set?

Ty for your time. Good gaming!


On the second page.

I would skip maybe the amulet of that set and get the avenger of ciarn instead. Avenger of ciarn is the best retaliation amulet in the game and offers very good resists too.

The full dawnbreaker set is bad since the last bonus does things like daze the enemy if I remember so they will be hitting you less and with retaliation you want them to hit you as much as possible.

mmm i’ve read that thread that is a retaliation build but not centered on dawnbreaker set. Edit : ok i’ve read it again there is a dawn breaker section, my bad.

There’s none that fully use this set because a retaliator has better options.