Dead Don't Get Picked Up

I have a graveyard, and sometimes the dead get picked up by town folk, but there are times they do not get picked up. I have 5 dead who are buried, but got 2 that are just laying there being ignored.

Unless this is a bug you’ll probably just need more laborers. If no one has time to pick up the dead they’ll just never get to it.

Add more laborers, that should fix it.

thanks, I’ll try it.

i have the same issue that just started, maybe 25 game days ago. i’m about 300 days into the game and all of a sudden all my dead villagers are showing up at an arbitrary location inside the city and no one picks them up. I have plenty of laborers. It appears to be only those that died inside the city and has grown to about 25 bodies now.

That sounds like a bug. Do you have enough free spaces on a cemetery?

You could try building a new cemetery in case the old ones are bugged.

yes, i have a crypt that has plenty of space. i’ll try building a small one to see if that kickstarts it.

My first guess would be a combination of too few laborers for the size of the town and having too many tasks queued up for your laborers (ex. stuff to pick up around town, goods to transports, resources to transfer between storages, repairs to buildings damaged in combat, etc).


If the dead bodies are within range of a wolves den, then the wolves will force the person who comes to collect the body to retreat, repeatedly, and thus the bodies in these areas cannot be collected.