Deadly Momentu

Deadly Momentu has an unusually high internal trauma.

How did you know that plz?

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By test.Trauma from Deadly Momentu seems to be stacked multiple times,the exact reason is unknown.

I mean it is gonna be multiplied by Cadence weapon damage so x5 at 26 right?
Anyway, maybe you can make a proper test with empty character against dummy (no devotion and trauma on gear) it’s GT so that we can do the math.


I retested it the way you said, Trauma from Deadly Momentu is normal.
My conclusion was wrong.
Thank you for the correction.

By the way,Voldrak’s Crusher: increased % Weapon damage modifier for Cadence to 70%.
It didn’t work.

I remember someone has already reported that.

the dot from cadence seems abnormal.
the BM in this video can get internal trauma up to 1 million easily.
it seems that the dot damage from the “cadance hit” can be accumulated which makes an unusal dot damage with enough duration.

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you have multiple sources of trauma in that build, not just deadly momentum
you also have bleed, frostburn and poison

in case people aren’t aware of how dots or dot stacking works

check the video in the boss room,the dots are accumulated 100000 every “cadence hit”,it’s obviously the new cadence hit seems like a new source of trauma

because then you would get 1+1+1 million dot ticks after 3 cadence hit, whcih you don’t

again, do what tqfan told pxy to do, go hit dummy; and do it while you eliminate other sources of dots so you aren’t stacking multiple dots from multiple sources over multiple hits
if cadence did 1 million trauma and it stacked; you’d see it increase per cadence hit, but it doesn’t
you have an accumulation of combined dot sources on your boss attacks, this is normal, when you have 12k trauma sheet, i’d expect 1million dots (because similarly that’s what bleed/poisons builds get with those numbers), you are not getting stacking 1 million trauma/cadence/deadly momentum trauma per use