Deadly Momentum, affect all damage?

Hey guys I was just wondering from anyone who had a high leveled soldier or better knowledge than I do… Does Deadly Momentum affect all types of damage? Or just left clicks while it’s active?

For example, I’m under deadly momentum and I use Bloody Pox, does the damage amplifiers apply to it?


Isnt it what stated on tooltip.
Deadly Momentum affects ALL attacks when active. It adds weapon damage, though, so it will affect only skills with %weapon damage on them.

Specifically what MortalKombat means is that the flat physical damage (2-4 at rank 1) will only affect weapons and weapon damage based skills. Just to be sure no one is confused and thinking the buff itself only affects weapon skills…:rolleyes: But yes this is how it works and it will affect anything that scales on those % values that it provides.

Awesome, appreciate it guys thank you very much. :smiley: