Dear crate, any plans to expand on GD lore?

Hello! Thanks Crate for an amazing game. This is a true labor of love!

I guess most of the GD players agrees that the world that Crate crafted, is amazing. The layering of civilizations and dimensions gets me a similar feeling to that of the Malazan series, which is incredible high praise imho. There are so many interesting characters and unfinished story lines! When I was first exploring the game, I loved finding the notes and the atmosphere they created, giving some locations and characters interesting backstories. The whole setting, surviving in an apocalyptic world overrun by beings from other planes as a part of a squabble between old and new gods while running around the ruins of old civilizations, while a recurring trope, was exquisitely executed. However, I was always left wanting for more and MOAR.

So, are there any plans to keep on expanding the lore of the GD world, either in-game or by other means? Books and comics come to mind, as alternatives to capitalize on the amazing world building, which provides incredible setting for oh so many stories! Other games have explores these venues to expand their game world, apparently with success. From an outsider perspective, this might even be an interesting bussiness opportunity

I would be VERY interested in lore expansion either through a loyalist pack, comics or books. I think this might be echoed by a lot of the GD base, so there might be an opportunity here!

TLDR: Now that the game is mostly done, can we expect further new lore about the world and setting, either in-game or through other means?


Well, if i remember correctly they said they could imagine doing other Games in the Universe, and Zantai is working on something which he said “would please the GD crowd” so i guess they have plans to expand it.

I’d like them to expand it too, though from my side i really hope the do it with Games and such. I like the Books of Halo, Guild Wars etc for sure… but i still prefer to experience it in a interactive way which only Games can offer.

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