Death Cult

…uh, is there a known way to stop the death cult?

They are literally doing this outside of the newest graveyard.

And we have some last embrace bullshit happening.

Update, the city has torn down the walls behind the graveyard, unveiling the greatest mass suicide in Manetheren’s history. Detectives are investigating what caused the cult to have formed originally, as families are informed of what happened to their loved ones.

… at least they don’t have to go far to burry the bodies …

Update: Abandoned cart ox adopts family of plague rats abandoned after the discovery of cult.


At least yours could be fixed/ :slight_smile:

OMG that is so funny. Thanks for posting.

@rhygar I am glad there are people as amused by the morbidity of coincidental bugs as I am. :sweat_smile: I had to give up and just stop rebuilding the wall … maybe one day the memory of the cult will fade from the town…

@still_standing Okay, so I spent the past few IG years flattening the area that the cult gathered. I just rebuilt the walls and the congregation hasn’t reformed. Have you tried flattening the area (excessively) where your death cults show up?

Tried but was blocked by the game and fence did not work because it is hard to get them to focus just on the fence. Lastly even if they worked on the fence the labours just kept going after the died. No more labours left, so this village is over. Could start the game from an early save, but why?

New map, new death cult. This time they had a fasting protest in front of the town center and two overflowing root cellars? …


Oh shit, my bad. I forgot to un-garrison the villagers, so they threw out the dead, thinking the town was still being raided by monsters from the west.


lol, yes I have forgotten to un-garrison many times too.

had this happen a few times now… often no seeming reason at all but usually to do with walls or gates …think they say they’ve patched it now but I still get workers stuck inside multi layer walls, still doing their activity but stuck, so end up dismantling to void their trapped corpses being there forever…

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