Death Knight build help

I understand a Death Knight is powerful with all the right gear…

How would people recommend leveling a DK though?

I am currently lvl 32 using Forcewave and Blade Arc as my main attacks and fighting in the Crucible using xp pots.

I have to kite a lot using Forcewave as I can get hammered real fast and my health pots might still be on CD.

I am basically working on Kraken for devotion currently for the damage bonus.

I am wondering whether I should be using a S&B w/ Cadence instead maybe? Not sure if that would be a lot slower DPS wise though or if it would even be more survivable yet.

Any tips for leveling? I am also using Lokarrs Armor set for the xp bonus.

If you’re level 32, it’s high time you leave crucible and go do some campaign stuff. The main reason to start levelling in cruci is cheap devotion points, but by now you’ve probably cashed in on that enough. Finishing the main quests with XP pots and Lokarr’s set gives a lot of XP, and you want the expanded inventory and bonus attribute and skill points quests.

For build, just forcewave with tremor is enough for attack, no need for blade arc. Instead, invest in skills that support your forcewave. In order:
-1 point blitz for mobility
-1~6 points into fighting spirit and menhir’s will (bonus damage and survivability respectively, but not worth maxing. Your choice how much you want to invest)
-max military conditioning
-as much in decorated soldier and scars of battle as you need to max out your resistances
-max field command, squad tactics
-max war cry, break morale

On the necromancer side, spectral binding with spectral wrath is extremely useful, as is mark of torment.

For devotions, find a few you consider absolutely critical and move towards them. For example, Assassin’s Blade, Kraken and Oleron.

Cadence is good for single target damage but relies on fully developed skills, gear and devotions for AoE attacks, which makes it less comfortable to level compared to 2H forcewave.

Thanks I will focus on those you mentioned =)

What level should I start going S&B and focusing on the DK skills?

There’s no point in respeccing to aether if you don’t have the gear for it, you should have at least full Krieg’s set and a suitable weapon - mythical mindwarp is best, but in a pinch a well-rolled heart of theodin will do. If you have everything you need, you can respec at level 94, but my own DK was level 100 for some time before respeccing.