Death revelling blood knight warder

Real footage of the knight after his first fight with the ravager


In this build post I wanna take the opportunity to thank the good people in here for their hard work in making exceptional builds and offering inspiration and guidance through their knowledgeable posts. Some of the names I come across more often and come to mind are nery’s, mad lee’s and sirspanksalot. And of course many others. About the build now…
I don’t favor melee but I wanted a bleeder cause I like the damage type. So the blood knight set while better suited for vitality is versatile enough, fits the aesthetic and offers a cool little entourage.



Mogdrogen the wolf, huntress, bat, falcon, fox, kraken mandatory for damage and resistance reduction. Ghoul and giant for survivability. Assign falcon swoop to soul of nazaran for falcon throwing fun.

Savagery is the heavy hitter. Grasping vines for aoe, cc effects and procing rend. Storm totem for procing bat. Wendigo totem for survivability. Devouring swarm for rr. Warcry for rr and reduced enemy damage and health. Rest from soldier is support. Mogdrogen’s pact of course for the rest in the line and primal bond as an exclusive.


Blood knight set obviously (such a good and versatile set, so many good builds). Mythical guillotine is a perfect match and massacre relic is mandatory. For the other slots there are enough options, I settled with this setup.

I always level warders with primal strike taking the lightning route in terms of gear and devotions then respec all at level 94.

Such an epic game! Good bloody fun!!
Cheers and have a bloody good time!


Death reveling blood knight warder vs lokkar

Death reveling blood knight shattered realm 75-76 14.30 min (full run)

Death reveling blood knight warder crucible gladiator 150-170 10.30 min