Death's Vigil Heroes?

Where are they?

Trying to farm up infamy becomes more than a chore since I just can’t seem to find any heroes in the two main locations (despite being hated by them).

Is there any particular reason that the spawn rate is set to be almost non-existent?

The first time I saw a Death’s Vigil/Kymon’s Chosen hero was in the Crucible. :rolleyes:

Is the spawn rate right and, if so, is there any reason why it’s abysmally low?

They only seem to spawn when you have a bounty to kill a specific one, from my experience. Definitely something they should fix, getting Nemesis on any of the two factions is a serious pain the ass. At least for Cronley you can farm it up in a decent amount of time due to the number of heroes in the Four Hills and Hideout.

They only seem to spawn more often when you get to Hated status.

i tought Aetherials for ODV and Chtonics for Kymon’s increased the rates too ? but anyway there’s no reason to hide these heroes, let us fight them !

That’s true but even then the chances are pretty slim. The only way to get a guaranteed spawn is with a bounty from Kymon’s Chosen or Death’s Vigil.

To address the first point: yes, this is true but that’s not my main complaint. Getting to Revered on whichever faction you chose is the easy part. The problem I have is getting to Nemesis on the one you didn’t.

I agree completely with the fact that they shouldn’t hide them.

This is just a theory but do you think the Nemesis and hero spawn locations have some sort of link? The reason I ask this is because they severally reduced the chance of a DV or KC Nemesis spawning (which was good since they were far too reliable to farm). I think, however, they might have nerfed the normal spawn rates for heroes in the process. This just hurts those aiming to reach Nemesis and it really makes the entire process tedious.

I got 1 hero to nemesis with deaths vigil I did it by just running Fort Haron over and over and looking for the bounty to kill a hero there each time from kymons chosen. I think it took well over 100 runs to do it and heros are extremely rare probably 1 every ten runs or so if your lucky it is a very tedious grind. But the nemesis is super easy to find and in the case of the deaths vigil one very easy to kill.