Debuffing !

I find myself debuffed of absolutley everyhing on me, any skill, even exclusive and potions…wtf ? Is this intended ?
Is it something just on lokar’s place ? Should debuffing even exist ? How can they make me unskill my passive skills ? u dont even notice…and besides that the potions are consumables…

Watch out Arcane mobs, they can shoot nullification missiles. And yes, sometimes they are hard to spot among crowds.

Not that hard, really. If you see something really blue, then mouse over the name and kill it immediately. It won’t use the nullification until after some time so if you can kill it fast enough then you’re fine. If it debuffs you then just run to a relatively safer place and rebuff.

And can any type of monster have possible debuffing spells ? or champions/bosses/nemesis/etc ?

Low/elite trash can have various cruses too that debuff you. Helth regen, attack speed, fumble, rr of all kinds, slow, DA/OA debuff etc.

Crucible is full of this stuff

AFAIK Loxmere, Arcane heroes, and Gravathul, cthonian nemesis.

Are you talking about nullification? So far Loxmere, any arcane heroes, and Gravathul the cthonian nemesis have such ability.

Yes. Not in Crucible, though.

To counter debuffs, you should build your toon properly.

VS resistance reduction - overcap resists.
VS fumble/impaired aim - use spellcaster builds.
VS stun/freeze/skill disruption/slow - cap corresponding resistances.
VS OA reduction - have high enough OA.
VS damage/HP reduction - you can do nothing, just have high enough DPS and HP to overthrow it.

Arcanist can dispel debuffs, but his ability to do so has CD.

Off topic, I’m glad that our Sir Bitchachos 's threads are gaining more and more sense the more he plays the game :D.

The best thing about u is ur avatar :D… but still - debuffing my exclusive skill should not be possible…ok…potions seems reasonable, pneumatic burs, veil of shadows, field command…etc…but a last level skill, exclusive one should be permanent and impossible to be undone by any enemies.

Oh trust me you’re lucky, before a recent patch those assholes were able to wipe out Potion of Clarity, that’s a hard-earned $40k just went to waste…

I think it happened to me a couple of times, but i just presumed i forgot to drink it or that maybe the time passed…lol…that was really a nasty bug.