Deceased villagers are not transported to cemetery

As the title suggest, my deceased villagers won’t get transported to cemetery. I just started a new play through and this is happening, never had that issue before.

There is a cemetery, I have enough labourers. What gives?

Villagers will usually collect them, but sometimes it takes a while.

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I can’t see the bodies any more, just the skull icon. Could it be a visual bug? But then again, cemetery says 0 bodies buried.

I had the same thing happening to me a few weeks back when I had created a cemetery on a ground that was quite less than flat.

The graves started to build up until the curvature of the ground suddenly seemed to make the stones sink underground, with half of the rest of the cemetery vacant.

At that point a lot of old people were dying and suddenly my whole town was filled with skulls and bodies that no one bothered to bury.

I constructed a new cemetery on a more flat piece of ground and then everything went back to normal, the bodies were collected and buried there instead.

Try to flatten the land where your cemetery is placed and see if that helps.
Otherwise try a new cemetery.

I hope this helps.

I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

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“I’m not dead yet!”