DEE and Doom Bolt in

I wonder whether DEE Build(Build) are still viable in this patch? And also can we create a build based on doom bolt for

Why exactly DEE isn’t viable anymore? Sorry if it’s a stupid question, I never brought my DEE WH to 85.

As for doombolt - really interested myself tbh, esp. since VTA received a buff as well. Chaos Bolts + SoC + Doom Bolt, this kind of thing. Idk about 2nd mastery though, probably Arcanist or Demo.

Yes they are viable.

As for how to build one i’d suggest browsing the compendium V

And Doom Bolt Nuker build is viable as well. Again compendium :wink:

I wonder whether we can create a caster DEE build instead of melee witch hunter one . Maybe i can use same skills but just wander around enemy for veil of shadows debuff?

DEE POISON witch hunter is a classic build, so tbh I’ve no idea what you’re talking about.

What i said is quite clear. Only build that is available for DEE is melee witch hunter build. I don’t want melee. That build relies on veil of shadows debuff and sometimes shadow strike etc. I want range caster one.

You mean non-cooldown one? DEE Warlock was my first ultimate build. It works, but not stellar to be honest. Unlike typical DEE WHs, it has to build around acid and vitality, which is much less common combo, unless you got full dreeg set?..
Overall I think WH would still be better, because there will be times you’ll be forced into facetanking, so VoS will help a lot. Since you don’t have the virtue of kiting with such a build, you’ll find yourself in melee more often that CD DEE WHs.

Base on what I observe from other ppl, WH caster is roughly:
DEE + CoF + Blood of Dreeg + Possession
Blade Spirit + Shadow Strike + P-Burst + VoS + Blade Barrier + those 3 passive boosts from Nightblade

Using VoS and shadow strike are important for WH casters to run around (more) freely, so again I’ve no idea what you’re talking about.
seriously, how would you melee those mobs with such setup? DEE is dot and WH is fragile, you drop everything and run with Shadow Strike.

I understand it yeah. Seems there is no another alternative. Let me wait for expansion maybe there will be new opportunities abound

DEE WH have always, and is, good, even top tier. As for Doombolt, while it will be viable, it certainly isn’t good (best use for doombolt is as a 1point devotion procing agent). It have historically been not very good, and continues to be so

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Already working on a Doom Bolt and Cadence build, focusing on as many Doom Bolt and Chaos Bolt procs as I can get. The Of Voidfire gear is slow going to get, but it’s fun so far, and I barely have any of the proc items on so far.