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Hello, all! This is my first post on forum so I hope my category is correct. First of all, I apologize because I will ask so many questions and this post will be long. I hope you will read and help me!

My questions are:

  1. What is the difference between “Life Leech” and “Life Reduction”?

  2. What is the difference between “Life Leech” and “Attack Damage Converted to Health (Lifesteal)”?

(I know that “Lifesteal” is recovering an amount of health based on your stat which can be happen by default weapon attacks or weapon pool skills but then what is “Life Leech”?)

  1. Can “%X or X Damage Absorption” absorp Life Reduction or Life Leech?

  2. How can “Vitality Resistance” reduce Life Reduction? “Vitality Resistance” is not “Resistance to Life Reduction”.

  3. Can “Vitality Resistance” reduce Life Leech and Vitality Decay?

  4. Why “Healing Effects Incresed by %X” does not increase “Health Regeneration”? Is not “Health Regeneration” a kind of “Healing Effect”?

  5. Do damage modifiers also increase retaliation damages? Do retaliation damages just increase by retaliation modifiers?

  6. What is “Energy Leech”?

  7. Does “+%X All Damage” increase retaliation damage too?

  8. Does “+%X Maximum All Resistances” include “Physical Resistance”, “Resistance to Life Reduction” and “Life Leech Resistance”?

  9. Is there “Life/Energy Leech Resistance”? If there is, which skills or devotions are they?

  10. What is “Energy Absorbed From Enemy Spells”? I mean “Energy Cost” and “Energy Reserved” are different terms. How can you steal “Energy” from enemy and “Reserve/Absorp” it? If “Energy Absorbed From Enemy Spells” means that stealing “Energy” from enemy, then why do not we use word “Energy Steal” or “Energy Leech”. What is the difference between “Energy Absorbed From Enemy Spells” and “Energy Leech”?

  11. How flat “(X Reduced Target’s Resistance)” works like Terrify (Soldier) and Break Morale (Soldier)? Why Terrify and Break Morale do not stack and make “40 Reduced Target’s Physical Resistance” if Terrify’s Reduced Target’s Resistances includes “Physical Resistance”? Also we cannot see our flat resistance or enemy’s. Then how to understand and calculate this? If I have %80 Fire Resistance and my enemy hits me 1000 Fire Damage, I will take 1000-(1000x%80)=200. Let us suppose that I have %80 Fire Resistance and my enemy hit me 1000 damage again but now, my enemy has flat “20 Reduced Target’s Fire Resistance”. How much damage I will take this time?

  12. I know that “Physical Resistance” is the only thing which can reduce “Internal Trauma” damage. Can Physical Resistance also reduce physical damage?

  13. What is “Terrify”? Are terrify and confuse same?

  14. We can increase default attacks’ and skills’ “Damage Over Time Duration” but we cannot increase “Poison and Vitality Decay Retaliations’ Duration” (These are the only damage over time retaliations). Is not this absurd?


A- Lifesteal (Attack Damage Converted to Health): Reaping Strike (Necromancer), Feral Hunger (Shaman), Toad (Devotion), Bat (Devotion), Ghoul (Devotion) and Revenant (Devotion). (We can add “Healing Effects Increased by %X” skills if we have lifesteal, these synergize.)

Resistance for Lifesteal: There is not. (I am not sure)

B- Life Leech: Which skills and devotions provide this?

Resistance for Life Leech: Clarity of Purpose (Oathkeeper).

C- Life Reduction (Reduction to Enemy’s Health): War Cry (Soldier) (I suppose that “Life Reduction” and “Reduction to Enemy’s Health” are the same things in this case.)

Resistance for Life Reduction: Menhir’s Bulwark (Soldier) and Rebuke (Oathkeeper).

D- Energy Leech: Revenant (Devotion).

Resistance for Energy Leech: Clarity of Purpose (Oathkeeper).

I am very confused, please make these things clear. I thank you for reading this, have a good day!.. :slight_smile:

Deep but readable replies : 🤯 malawiglenn’s guide on game mechanics for beginners

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Welcome to the forum. :grinning:

Also these might help

The second is a bit outdated, but still has some useful info in there.

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while not all questions are answered in the guides listed above, I suggest that you read there and then revise your list of questions so that perhaps someone gets more motivated to answer :slight_smile: