"Default attack replacers" compatibility with procs

So… I read a few forums. I did my research. I think I know the answer. Still looking for a confirmation so, here it goes :

When using a default attack replacer, can skill with description like “30% chances on a critical strike” or “5% chance on attack” be triggered ?

Specific exemple :
I’m a Spellbreaker 85 (Nightblade/Arcanist).
I go for Cold+Pierce damage.
I use Beronath’s Fury.
I just found the very awesome Deathmarked Decapitator.
Can the “Cleaving axe (30% chance on Critical Strike)” proc from my Beronath’s Fury ?

And also, if I was to put some points into the first line of Nightblade dual-wielding skills (Belgothian’s Shear and such…), could these skills still proc off from B.Fury as well ? (theorically, proc’ing with the power boost from Beronath’s Fury…) ???

There are Default Weapon Attacks, DWA
There are DWA Replacers, IE Cadence, Savagery
Then there are Weapon Pool Skills, things like the Nightblade’s top line
What you are asking about isn’t any of those…That is a PROC. That can proc on DWA, Beronath’s Fury, any of the WPS, and on anything that’s an attack, so depending on the proc itself, some can proc on, say, Aether Ray.

So to answer your question, that weapon can proc on any of your attacks, though I do believe it would only do damage if you were in melee range.

I haven’t used Fury personally, so I don’t rightly know if Fury COUNTS as a DWA or as a DWA Replacer, or something else, like Blade Arc, which is in a weird spot of its own.

Fury is DWA Replacer