"Default attacks" and proccing with my build

Hey all,

I thought I’d try a Nightblade/Occultist for the damage synergies, was going to go heavy into Acid/poison along with bleed effects. I noticed there are no skills in either class that can be bound as a “default attack”. Now, in the dual blades tree there are various abilities that proc off a default attack. Right now I have Amarasta’s Blade Burst bound to my main attack. That ability has a 1.8 second cooldown, and I’m assuming that nothing in the dual blades tree will proc off it, so I will only get procs in between Blade Bursts, correct? And if so, is that long enough of a CD between blade bursts to make it worth having both? Or should I just drop Blade Burst entirely to get more procs? I’m feeling like I might have chosen poorly simply for the fact there are zero attacks that can be bound as default attacks, which to me seems kind of boring. There are a lot of damage synergies between these two masteries but the absence of those left-mouse attacks seem to be telling me my build is wrong.

You’re assuming correctly. Only a skill that say “this replace your default weapon attack” in orange can be used to proc the wps from the dual blade tree.

Blade Burst is not an auto-attack replacer. Also drop this skill entirely, it isn’t good at all.

You can get either a “shard of beronath” or a “mistborn relic”. Each provide you with a skill that replace your default attack and that can proc wps. You can also bound devotions to it. Use mistborn until you get the shard, the latter is way better and free up your artefact slot being a weapon component.

Acid/poison based WH are among the best 5 classes you can play the game with at the moment. Don’t give up, read some guides to get ideas, and you’re set.

So is the Shard of Beronath strictly from a blueprint? And is it a drop from Kalis Ka, or just random bosses? Don’t think I’ve seen this on any faction vendors, but I could be wrong.

Shard of Beronath is a rare blueprint. Farm a nemesis to get it. Still rare. Easier to have someone craft one for you, but they are costly. Either way, when playing Nightblade you always want to hold down your default attack button while using skills. The mastery has far too many passives not to.

Mechanics question: does the AOE radius of Nightfall also apply to Shadow Strike’s NJE? In other words, does Nightfall make all Shadow Strike effects into AOEs?

Edit: Is there a Transcendent relic worth getting or just stay with Mistborn? I don’t have any recipes besides Bladedancer’s that activate off default attacks, and that only has a 15% chance of proccing so right now, Mistborn is it.